I have something really fun to talk about today. After the heaviness of Wednesday’s post, I think it is about time for that!


I was recently given an awesome opportunity to take part in Lorna Jane Fit Challenge   (#LJFitChallenge). I often avoid things like this when an opportunity comes up, simply because just trying to fit in my running schedule can often be a daunting enough task.

However, when I was reading more into what the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge entailed, I decided immediately it was time to sign up!

LJ Fit Challenge2


Getting right into it, what is the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge? In summary, it is 12 weeks of:

  • Workouts
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness

It really taps into all aspects of fitness. I sometimes get so caught up in running, I forget about all the other key necessary components to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The challenge goes from February – May 2015. Lorna Jane worked directly with a team of experts to put together a plan to help each of us to be at our very best every day. It’s more than just a workout or diet plan, its an overall change to a more nourishing and active lifestyle.

LJ Fit Challenge1


As Lorna Jane states directly from her website:

“I know this FIT CHALLENGE will give you all the tools you need to make Active Living not just a New Year’s resolution, but a complete way of life every day, every week, every month and every year! I want it to inspire you to see exercise as something you really look forward to, and above all, I want it to motivate you from this day forward to apply these practices to your own life and start living your best and most active life – the life you deserve!”


By joining and signing up for the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge you will receive:

  • A Nourish: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook
  • Active Living Planner
  • 12 Week Fit Challenge Guide
  • Inspirational Tank

This is much more than just 12 weeks of workouts! It contains goal setting, meal plans which incorporate the cook book and other recipes, and 12 weeks of concise workouts designed by Lorna’s own trainer. The 12 weeks are broken into 3 different phases where intensity is slowly increased.

It is broken down between structured training circuit days and Active Living days. It will cover all of your basics: upper body, lower body, core, stability flexibility and even cardio. It aims to work out your entire body!

The Active Living days each week encourage you to get out and do something fun! Go on a hike, walk your dog, just do something outdoors and that is enjoyable to you!

LJ Fit Challenge1


If you are like me, adding something else to your routine may seem a little daunting. I’ve mentioned so many times on the blog the importance of working your entire body even if you are an avid runner. I am looking at this challenge as an opportunity to help refocus and strength my body. It will help me clean up my diet and balance my routine.

I haven’t begun to dig into all the details yet, but I look forward to also sharing how I am able to use the cookbook to fit into a runner’s diet as well. We all know some days require a little more!

We can also use a little change now and then! It may be a little challenging fitting it all in until I come up with a schedule, but nothing worthwhile ever came easy right?


I would love for you to join me over the next 12 weeks as I embark on the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge!


If you would like to join along with me, head over to this website to find out all the details! You will also want to join the Lorna Jane Fit Facebook Group to interact and support one another!


Who’s with me?!


Have you ever done a challenge of any type before?

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