I am tired. I guess I should expect that after 19 weeks of training right? I think that should be the theme of this week. I am officially 3 weeks out.

3 weeks out. I keep saying that over and over to myself and can hardly believe it. If the nerves are already starting to kick it now I can’t imagine what I am going to feel like on game day!

The first half of the week went excellent. I don’t know if it was because I was so happy to have my husband back home of if I just recovered really well but my workouts went awesome!
Here is a recap of my week:

Monday (11/17)

8 miles easy


Tuesday (11/18)

Warm up
4 x 1.5 mile repeats (7:47 for first 3, 7:41 for the last)
800 recovery between each set
2 x 400 meters
Cool down

10 miles total


Wednesday (11/19)

Week 19 Recap5

7 miles easy

This was absolutely the coldest run I’ve had in a LONG time!


Thursday (11/20)

Warm up
20 minutes at marathon pace
1 minute on/1 minute off (7:30/8:49) x 10
20 minutes at marathon pace
Cool down


Friday (11/21)



Saturday (11/22)

16 miles


Sunday (11/23)

8 miles easy


I have a few key runs that I am wanting to get in between now and marathon day. The first one was my last 16 mile long run. It was in the teens when I got up and got ready to go run.  I battled between going and running outside or run at the gym.

Wednesday morning when I got up to run (the same temperature) I just about froze to death. My legs could never really warm up and it was a struggle. While I’m sure I could have done it I just wasn’t feeling it so I headed to the gym with the hubs.


16 miles on the treadmill. No matter how you put it, it just doesn’t seem fun. I set the treadmill and started. After 30 minutes the treadmill stopped. I got frustrated thinking I had hit something, but restarted it. Another 30 minutes the treadmill stopped again. I was beyond frustrated. Thankfully my husband pointed out that I wasn’t hitting manual start I just kept hitting “go.” The last 9 miles were OK. I ran at an 8:41 pace the entire time (right on track with what I was supposed to be) and a 1% incline.

I had high hopes for my last 16 mile run, and it didn’t quite go like I wanted. However, I’ve had 3 pretty awesome 16 mile runs so I know it is just a bad day. We all have them and its been several weeks since I’ve had one so it is what it is.

Hubby took me out for some sushi at lunch time. This is the first good sushi we have found here since we moved. Delicious!


My workouts this week were mostly just decided the night before. Tuesday’s workout was pretty much just a different type of strength workout. Nothing special, but the paces honestly felt relatively easy. It was such a relief!

Week 19 Recap6

Thursday’s workout was completely made up the night before. I knew I wanted to do a shorter type tempo, but I also wanted to throw in some speed work.

Week 19 Recap3

Another workout that felt great. If you ever want to make marathon pace feel easy then throw in speed workout in the middle of tempo work. The moment I went back to an 8:00 min pace I felt like I could have run forever!

I also finally found my race day shoes. The day Wes came home he surprised me with the Asics Gel Lyte 33s!

Week 19 Recap1

I wore them on my short tempo on Thursday and loved it. They are light, but still feel like they have some cushion. They also have a wider toe box so they allow my feet to breath a little. The perfect race day shoe! I will wear these on my tempo next week and then not again until race day.


My next key run will be my last 10 mile tempo this Thursday. I am hoping Thanksgiving will bring me some luck, plus it will be great to get it in before spending the rest of the day with family! This will be the first year in 4 years we have been home for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to enjoy every minute of it.


What was your best run this week?

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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