There are a couple exciting things happening this week (that will be divulged in the very near future) so to say that I am a little excited that this week is complete is an understatement.

This week went by without much excitement. It’s officially week 16 of my training and I am anxious to get to the marathon now. I think when you finally see the end in site it makes you anxious for that day to get here.

Without further adieu, here is my workouts for the week:

Marathon Training


Monday (11/3)

8 miles easy

Week 165

It sure dropped in temperature this week!

Week 166


Tuesday (11/4)

Warm up
10 x 800 at 7:20 pace
Half the amount of time for recovery
Cool down

10 miles total


Wednesday (11/5)

8 miles easy


Thursday (11/6)

Warm up
3 x 2 miles (7:47, 7:41, 7:30) with 800 recovery
Cool down

10 miles total


Friday (11/7)



Saturday (11/8)

9 easy miles


Sunday (11/9)

14 mile long run


As you may notice right off the bat, I didn’t have a token tempo run this week. When I looked at adding weeks to my training plan, I knew throwing in an extra 10  mile tempo run probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

Tempo runs are one of the best training runs, but they also are tough on the body. On top of that, they are tough for a longer period of time. I knew adding an extra hour and 20 minute long tempo was just not good when I am trying to stay healthy for race day.

On Tuesday, instead of doing my normal strength workout I decided to throw back in some 800’s. Since I am nearing the time of my race, why not try some Yasso 800’s!

Week 167

It’s amazing to me to think back at when I did these the last time I was training for a BQ (before my injury) and I could barely doing 6. On Tuesday I did 10!


Thursday morning I decided to sub out a normal tempo run for the strength workout I usually do on Tuesdays. However, I wanted to push the pace a little quicker since I was going shorter on the distance.

Week 162

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for me to run outside as I had wanted but I still needed to get it done. I ended up doing a warm up followed by 3 x 2 mile repeats. I progressively got faster on each one. I started at a 7:47, then 7:41 and then finally the last one at 7:30.

I actually felt pretty good on this workout. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was so happy it was Thursday or I just was fresh, but it was a great workout.


Saturday morning I did something a little different. My hubby had to be at the hospital at 5:45 am so he was going to be getting up at 3:00 AM to get his run in before heading in. My original plan was just to wake up as I felt like it and go run. However, at 3:00 AM when his alarm went off I wasn’t sleeping well.

I also started to feel sick on Friday, so I thought since I had the energy then why not just get up and get it done.

Saturday Run

I ended up running just over 9 miles before 4:30 in the morning! I was SO glad that I chose to do this because as the rest of the day continued I just wasn’t feeling that great. I did go back to bed for another 3 hours after finishing, but I felt so happy o have it done when I got up.

I decided to move my long run to Sunday again, so check back for an update on that one! Instead of adding another 16 miler into the schedule I am cutting it down to 14 this week. I will drop back to another 10 next weekend, and then do my last 16 mile run 3 weeks out.


It’s crazy to realize just how soon race day will be here!

I will leave you with several pictures from this week. If you don’t like animals, well I’m sorry you’re about to get overloaded.

Week 161

This guy was missing his dad one morning. He is a complete daddy’s boy!

Week 163

Pipe was eyeing my bowl of corn flakes I was eating one night. She will eat ANYTHING!

Week 161

Finally, this quote! I watched this movie again this past week and forgot how much I loved it.


Tell me something fun about your training this week!

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