Today was the official start to my step back week.

I started the morning with a 5 mile run right after I got up. I wanted to beat the heat and I had promised Wes I would help him during his workout.

5 Miles

The miles were easy and felt good. I was surprised that my legs still had some kick in them after yesterday’s workout.

After I got home we had to deal with a few disasters before going out to the trail for Wes to complete his workout.

Broken Garmin

As Wes was getting ready he took out his Garmin to put it on and the strap broke! I walked him from my run to him sitting on his desk in panic.

I actually bought the Garmin 610 for Wes just over a year ago as an anniversary gift.  His previous Forerunner 110 had stopped charging so I upgraded him. I couldn’t believe we were already having problems with the new one!


We contacted Garmin as many of you suggested when I posted about it on my Instagram. They are sending him a replacement strap within the next 7-10 business days. It looks like we are going to be sharing a Garmin for a while.

Once the crisis was over we headed out to the train. Wes did mile repeats and I biked along with him to help keep his pace. It was  a hot morning, but he did great!


Once we got back home I was a bit taken back by how much time I had. Usually when I run more it takes up more of my day. I got to work pretty quickly, but after a while I needed  a break. I decided today was the perfect day to get started on our front door. It was in dire need of a new paint job.

Front Door

After about 4-5 coats of the extremely bright but beautiful red paint, the door was complete!

Front Door

I really love it! I think it brightens up the front of our house a lot!

As soon as the door was done I got on a huge cleaning and organizing kick. We are still trying to get the office put together so that was on the top of my list to at least make some progress on!

License Plate

Wes’ license plate came in for his car, so I guess it is official that we are now Virginia residents!


Here are a few things I plan to focus on this week during my step back week:

  • Core work
  • Strength work
  • Lots and lots of stretching and foam rolling
  • Finishing the office
  • Cleaning
  • Getting ahead on work so that I can relax and enjoy the weekend at the beach
  • Hopefully finding some curtains for our living room
  • Getting Zoe lots of exercise
  • Enjoying some family time
  • Recovering
  • Continue applying for jobs

Even though taking this step back week is opening up more time for me, I am excited because I have a feeling this is going to end up being a pretty productive week!


What is something you’d like more time to focus on?

Do you have any house projects you want to get accomplished?

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