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You’ve heard me talk several times on the blog about the dangers of the heat and dehydration. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be hot for many of us to feel the effects of dehydration on the body. Not only does it affect our running but it also can cause other issues in our every day lives.


I was recently given the opportunity to try Emergen-C. I had heard of it and seen it in stores, but had never picked it up or given it a try myself.


What is Emergen-C?*

-Emergen-C helps support year round immune health.

-It is a natural energy enhancer.

-It helps replenish electrolytes post-workout.

-It is a funny fizzy vitamin drink mix.


I began using Emergen-C post workout. This is a very vital time to make sure you are replenishing the electrolytes you lost during your run. While this is always important, I’ve notice a huge difference in my recovery when I properly replenish my electrolytes.


Not only are the flavors delicious, but also it is so quick and easy to do.


How to Mix Emergen-C:

1. Pick a flavor, any flavor.
2. Hold the Emergen-C logo and shake powder to the bottom.
3. Tear across straight open from the slit.
4. Put Emergen-C powder in a glass.
5. Add water (4-6 ounces, which is ideal!)
6. Stir up once or twice.
7. Enjoy!


There are several delicious flavors including:





-Super Orange

Super Orange


While all the flavors were delicious and refreshing, my favorite was the Cranberry-Pomegranate. I really look forward to taking it post workout. It is sweet but not overbearing. I enjoy sweet things, but right after a workout I don’t want anything too over powering.


It also mixes very easily. I don’t worry about having issues with it mixing and can easily carry it with me out to my favorite trail and mix it in with my water after a really tough workout.

Emergen-C is delicious mixed with water, but can also be mixed it with juice, smoothies or other creations.

There are also some fun recipes and “cocktails” you can create using Emergen-C. You can check out a full list of awesome recipes here.

There are many drinks out there on the market, but what sets Emergen-C apart is the fact that it helps to not only provide immune support year round but also helps to replenish your electrolytes post workout while acting as a natural energy enhancer.*


One lucky reader will win a 3 month supply of Emergen-C! Simply leave a comment below and tell me which flavor you would like to try. (U.S. Residents Only)

The giveaway will come on Wednesday, July 16th at 11:59 PM EST.


You can also get a FREE sample of Emergen-C on EmergenC.com or through their Facebook page.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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