Before I get into what I want to talk about today, I have to share with you a pretty awesome workout I am so happy about.

On Friday, I looked at my training schedule and noticed that Sunday called for a 7-mile tempo run.  I started panicking a little right away, but I decided to just relax and deal with it when the time came.

As you know Saturday I had an OK 12 mile run, but I was pretty tired after it. I made sure to focus on my nutrition all Saturday and in the evening. Sunday when I woke up I started to get nervous. I didn’t think there was any way I could keep an 8:00 min/pace for 7 miles (my goal marathon pace).


I went out on the trail by our house since I knew that it was relatively flat compared to most other areas. I had a little “pep talk” with myself and then off I went. The first mile clocked in at a 7:38. I was in shock. I felt good which was surprising as well.

I realized was setting myself up for one of two things to happen: either I would die pretty hard or I would really surprise myself.

Running Tempo

Low and behold I completed 7 miles at a 7:42 pace. My husband reminded me I should feel tired at the end, but still good enough to where I could run another mile. That pretty much summed up how I felt.

7 Mile Tempo

I was on the biggest runner’s high after that workout. Not only did I have an awesome workout after a pretty hard week but also I exceed the level I thought I was at.


I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be changing up my training this week. I’ve had 3 pretty tough weeks. That probably explains why I’ve had a tough time this past week.

The last 3 weeks mileage have been 48 miles. 47 miles, and 46 miles respectively. Not only that but the difficulty of the workouts have been increasing.

Workouts 3 weeks

This week I am taking a step back week. I do these often in marathon training, but haven’t done one yet during this training schedule.

My step back week will include:

  • Around 38 miles in total
  • Only 2 workouts (instead of 3)
  • Workouts will be less intense and slower
  • More time to focus on recovery
  • More easy running


The main reason that I take these is to let my body recover. I have about 2 weeks left in my 10k training plan and while I am already doing really well I don’t want to sabotage it by pushing my body too hard. This week will allow me to relax and get my body feeling better.

We are also traveling to the beach for July 4th so this allows me to relax and enjoy the beach a little more.

Sometimes your body gives you pretty obvious signs it is time to take a break. I look forward to this step back week and letting my body rest and recover.



Do you ever take a step back week?

Do you have any races scheduled this summer?  I have been looking around for one to do in the next month or so, but I’ve never done one in the extreme heat..

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