Good morning! I hope everyones week has gotten off to a GREAT start!

I feel like i’ve got things going on in so many different directions this week. That is a good thing though! This week I have decided to do things a little bit differently. Sunday night after Wes and I got home from spending time with family we started discussing our workouts for the week. He was set on doing a tempo workout on Monday morning, but I was pretty worn out.

I’ve been doing this 10k training for 8 weeks now and my body just could not fathom getting up and doing a really tough workout Monday morning. Wes suggested switching my days around. This meant yesterday morning doing an easy 6 and then moving my workout to Tuesday to give myself a little break.

Sounded good to me. It also meant that I could help pace Wes during his tempo run. Of course, I was riding a bike to pace him!


I got up a little earlier and headed out for an easy 6 miles. It was still overcast and felt really nice running. During the run I was so thankful I decided to switch my workout days.

6 Miles

Once I got back I ate some breakfast, stretched and then we loaded the bike in the back of the car to head off to the local trail for his tempo run.


I hadn’t been on the bike since my injury. The ride was beautiful, well at least for me. My job was to pace Wes and he ended up averaging around a 5:35-5:40 mile for each of the 9 miles. When he finished we walked for a little bit and then headed back to the car.

I really need to do this more often.


We left the park and didn’t quite feel like coming home yet so we headed to the local running store. They have been hosting the trail runs we have been going to the past couple weeks, but we hadn’t had a chance to check out their store yet.

Running Store

I love exploring new stores in our town, and it is even better when it is running related! Since it was mid-day on a Monday and pretty slow they asked if we wanted to have our running strides analyzed.

Most of what they told me I already knew, but it was neat to see exactly how my foot strikes. One thing they noticed was that my left leg bends in slightly when I run. There could be a number of things that cause this, but she had me try on a different type of stability shoe. I then ran and had them analyze me again and saw drastic improvement!

I learn something new every day! Also, they suggested I go up a half a shoe size. This also made a big improvement. Guess it was well worth the visit!


Our last stop of the day was at the local animal shelter. Wes and I have always enjoyed going to visit the animals. At this point we can’t really afford/have time to get a 4th animal in the house but it was a lot of fun to go and play with them.

Animal Shelter

This little guy stole my heart because he looks identical to how one of my kitties looked when we got him!

Climbing Cat

All the animals were so friendly and we really wanted to take them all home. I wish we were in a different place right now, but hopefully in the future!

Attack of the Kitties

It was a fun and relaxing day. It was just what I needed and am really glad I listened to myself and switched my days around. I have high hopes for a great workout today because of it! Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and adapt.


Do you ever change your training schedule around?

Do you have any pets?.

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