Hang in there, we are almost to the weekend!

This week has been surprisingly busy. Or at least, I have been keeping myself busy. I know you all have heard me “complain” about the heat a lot more recently, but this week has taken the cake! This morning during my workout my car said 95 degrees and later in the afternoon as we were running errands it was 98.

It is way too early for it to be this warm. Anyways… Enough about that!

Regardless of the heat I got up first thing this morning and headed over to the same area I did my workout on Monday. Today I had a 45 minute fartlek scheduled.

45 Minute Fartlek

I kept it pretty simple: 1 minute on, 2 minutes off. In total I ran 5.2 miles in the 45 minutes.

Post Run Selfie

It has been a while since I’ve done a post run picture, so here I am messy crazy hair and all!

I spent a good amount of time stretching, foam rolling and doing core work after I got home. I can tell such a big difference on the days I do this versus when I skip it. Time to get back on track!


We spent a good portion of the afternoon out and about trying to find a few new items for our home. When we first moved in, our landlord had left us some rugs and window treatments but they weren’t really our style. We decided however to keep them until we could find a replacement.

I have a whole list of items I want to buy, but since we are on a budget and I am not the greatest decorator I am starting one piece at a time.

We headed to Target to look for a few new rugs.

Blue Rug

Our first purchase was this blue rug for the living room. You can’t really see the exact color in this photo, but it’s a really nice blue.

Second Purchase

The second purchase was a small runner. We originally bought this for our hallway but it ended up being way too small. I tried it out in the kitchen and it seemed to fit perfectly!


I am starting to get a little frustrated with myself over decorating. I don’t have a natural eye for it and end up using Pinterest for inspiration. We bought some curtains along with the blue rug, but they didn’t work against our tan walls.Β For some reason I completely forgot to factor in the wall color.

We’ve been to a couple places but I still can’t find anything I am happy with. So, I thought I’d get some input from my readers.

We have a small living room. The only items that are in it at this time are the blue rug, white couch and a TV. We have tan walls and need a nice curtain to brighten up the room.Β Any suggestions on what color curtains to look for?


I am proud to say that aside from one room we have all our boxes unpacking and put away.


The only room I have left to tackle is the office. Β The walls are yellow which I am not the biggest fan of, but it is fine for now. I hope to get this finished by the end of this week!

Slowly but surely it is coming together!


Are you good at interior decorating?

The funny thing is when I first went to college I was going to major in interior decorating but ended up changing it after 1 semester. Guess I made the right decision!?

How did your run go yesterday?.

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