This post is getting written way later than normal. Why? Well the more I look at my calendar the more I realize I need to get on the ball with this whole move thing. I am so behind!

We finally decided to not try to go with anymore moving companies and to rent the truck ourselves. Sure, it may be more of a headache but it is the only option that fits in the budget. I spent most of the evening on the phone with various companies try to find the best deal.



Sunday is the only day that both Wes and I have completely off of work. We always begin the day with a run and then spend the rest of the day relaxing (or trying to) and spending time together.

We went out to do a little shopping to start it off. I have been on the hunt for a new dress. I have two “dress occasions” coming up – one at a wedding this weekend and his medical school graduation in a few weeks. Forever 21 had just opened in our mall so I decided to go try it out because I knew they had budget friendly items.


I ended up finding this gem. I’m not sure which one I am going to wear it too, but it will sure work for one of them! I usually don’t like shopping at Forever 21 because the clothes I have bought in the past end up falling apart, but I really only need the dress to last 1 or 2 wears.

We also stopped by PetSmart to browse (we love to go and look at the kitties) and I found this.

Running Buddy

Isn’t it adorable!? I couldn’t convince Wes to buy it, but I will have to keep it in mind for the future. Zoe isn’t usually a clothing wearing dog.

Speaking of Zoe after we got back home we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out for some play time.

Play Time

She had a blast, but on the way home as we were walking back she decided she’d had enough and just laid down.


I knew how she felt because that is exactly how I had felt on my run earlier that morning.

The rest of the night was spent sitting on the couch and watching movies. We did make a late night cheeseburger run. I was craving one bad so we decided to just go for it.


Not the healthiest, but that’s okay that’s why moderation is important!


I woke up on Monday and the weather was really gloomy. I knew they had been calling for rain but it had only had a LIGHT sprinkle so far.

I really wanted to do my speed workout on the track. The treadmill is my last resort so I took a chance and headed out to the local track.


The entire drive over the clouds kept looming but I hope it would hold off long enough to at least get part of it done. The one good thing about trying to beat the rain is you don’t mess around.

I got to the track and started my workout. Β Since I am repeating the first 2 weeks of my 10k training plan it was another day of 400s.

Track Workout

I did a 2 mile warm up, 8 x 400 (averaging around a 1:39/1:40) with a 400 jog in between, and a 2 mile cool down. The picture above is of my watch on the last 800. It was my quickest which means I paced myself much better this time.

It was tough but went much better than the first time. I ended up having to dodge the high school PE class that was out there for the last little bit, but ended up dodging the rain completely! I call that a success.

I don’t mind having to do easy runs on the treadmill, but workouts I really like to get in outside for better training. Thankfully today worked out!

After I finished it was off to the gym to get in a short strength training session and a shower. I felt so much better after a good shower.


How did your Monday workout go?

What is your favorite place to find cheeper clothing?Β I am always looking for suggestions!


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