I am slowly feeling like things are getting back to normal after traveling. Does anyone else feel completely out of whack even after only being gone for a long weekend?


This weekend really inspired me. Of course, I was motivated pre-Boston but the race gave me a push that I think I needed.  There has been a lot of self doubt still playing in the back of my mind.

The truth is I never really thought I could get healthy. I felt like I was going to be that injury plagued runner for the rest of my life. A little dramatic, yes but it was holding me back.

I CAN be injury free I just have to make the commitment to do the things that will get me there. No more excuses, no more half ass attempts at it, it has to be a no nonsense approach.

Goal Without a Plan

So where do I go from here?

I’ve decided to run a marathon in October 2014.  There are no exacts decided yet simply because I am waiting to see what happens once we move.  We won’t be able to travel quite as much so it will probably something more local.

There will be smaller races before that in preparation, but the first marathon I will run will be in October – November.

I Can Do It

Right now I am going to go for the goal of Boston Qualifying. Yes, I know it’s a BIG goal. In some ways I am OK if I don’t make it the first time but after talking with several others I realized as long as I am taking all the proper precautions to stay healthy then I should go big.

I honestly don’t know if I will succeed, but I know I need to try.


What is my plan?

First thing I have to focus on strengthening 3 main areas:

  • My hips
  • My core
  • Back

I have to get some correction to my increased lumbar lordosis. I’ve been working on it over the past several weeks but still have some work to do on it.

I am working on creating a plan of something to do every single day to make sure I am strengthening these areas. Healthy running starts with a healthy body. If I don’t address these issues then running healthy will be next to impossible.

One Day Your Warm Up

In terms of the running itself the next 12 weeks will take a new focus.  I am going to be using a 10k training plan.  The main reason I will be doing this is to focus on getting faster.

Using a 10k training plan will allow me to keep my mileage under control while working on speed and focusing on increasing my leg turnover.


After the 12 weeks are over I would be right around 18 weeks out from the marathon. At that point I will begin a marathon training plan. The speed will hopefully be there at that point, and then I would work on spreading that speed out for longer distances.


On top of the strength work and new running plan my final focus is diet. I’m not doing some crazy change or anything but the focus will be whole, health and plant based foods. As much as I can.

The key is making sure I am getting enough to fuel my workouts, keep me healthy and get the vitamins and minerals I need each and every day.

My plan isn’t anything drastic or out of this world, but it is a re-focus. I’m happy to set a goal race time and work on getting there. I have others who believe me and that really makes a big difference!


I plan on sharing my exact running plan (for the 10k and marathon) as soon as I figure it out, but there are still a few kinks to work out.


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What is the next race you have planned?.

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