No, I didn’t actually go to any of those places yesterday but according to the treadmill I ran on today I “ran” through them.


I had an easy run on the schedule and since we got another round of snow last night (ugh!) I knew that I wouldn’t be running outside today. It wasn’t because it was too much snow, but at the time I needed to run the wind was pretty rough and the snow was blowing in my face.

To the treadmill it was!


Wes told me about this feature on the treadmills at our gym that is called Around the World. You basically set the treadmill to the amount of incline you want. I selected a 2 to give me a bit of challenge but nothing too tough on my body.

Treadmill Workout

Each of the intervals only lasts about 30 seconds, but it switches it up the entire time. The first 20 minutes were titled “Europe”, the second “Africa” and then finally “Asia.”

I wanted to try and take a picture of the intervals but the whole thing of me running and taking a picture just wasn’t going to happen.

I am not quite sure how accurate these were seeing as I’ve never been to any of these places, but it was fun to do something different to switch up the time on the treadmill!


This was the first time in a while I actually stayed on the treadmill longer than Wes did. It felt strange. This whole marathon “taper” thing puts us at much closer level these days. It’s nice. Ha!


I finally brought back a familiar face last night.  Smoothies!


My lovely concoction consisted of:

Frozen Strawberries
Vanilla Protein Powder
Chia Seeds
Xanthan Gum

It was delicious and a reminder that I need to make these more often!


Final thought of the day. My mom was sending me some pictures last night because she wanted me to save them for her until she got her new phone. She sent this one.


Not the greatest picture and for some reason we look like we are in a bubble BUT it made me think about getting my bangs back. Thoughts?


Have you ever used pre-set treadmill courses?

What’s your worst haircut mistake? I chopped all mine off man years ago to almost my ears. NEVER EVER again.




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