Good morning and happy Saturday! I know so many of you look forward to this day all week. I will be working most of the day and tomorrow morning, but I still look forward to a small date night later tonight!


A couple of weeks ago McDavid sent me a pair of their Women’s Compression Tights to try out.


They came just in time as I start back into running. After 6 weeks off you will be surprised how sore you can become after a 3 mile run!


A few awesome features of McDavid Compression Tights:

  • Targeted Compression Technology increases blood flow to large muscle in the glutes, thighs and calves for a more complete recovery post competition and workouts
  • Anatomically designed stitch locations are relaxed compression at the news enhance comfort and fit
  • Low-rise design with fold-over waist adds to all-game comfort
  • hDc Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
  • 6-thread flat-lock technology for strength at the seams

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A few questions I had off the bat:

What is Target Compression Technology?

“Targeted compression is everything you love about intelligent compression – increased blood flow, muscle stability and rapid recovery – focused on a specific area. All the benefits of compression are trained and targeted where they are needed most.”

The compression tights target the glutes, thighs and calves. Exactly where any runner needs compression when trying to recover.

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What is hDc Moisture Management Technology?

“When you perform you want hydration in you, not on you. Our hDc technology is super smart, moisture-wicking fabric that breathes easily and often. hDc draws sweat away from your skin and breaks it down for quick evaporation. This works equally well when performing in hot environments – you remain cool, while in cold conditions – you remain warmer.”

Companies often use these big terms they’ve created and I always wonder what does that really mean?

The thing that stood out most to be about the hDc technology is that it can be used in all climates. Living where I do you get extremes of both. Last summer we had the hottest summer on record in a long time and this winter we are the #1 snowiest city in the country.  I need to be prepared for any condition.


During my training, compression helped me to recover quicker and be ready for the next day’s run.  I would wear compression socks during runs and then once I had showered I loved putting on compression leggings as they helped to increase the blood flow throughout my entire leg.

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I loved that the McDavid Compression Tights were really easy to get on. I love compression but it can be such a pain sometimes when you struggle to put them on.

Of course, compression should  be tight in order to deliver the optimal effect but it was nice to find a pair of compression tights that were easy to get on and still performed as they’re supposed to.


2014 03 07 09 48 57

These pants are easy to wear when lounging around and while at the gym.  The first time I tried them out was during a recovery day where I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical.

They would just as easily work to do a slow easy run in as well.

2014 03 07 09 49 13

They are extremely breathable and helped to keep my legs cool even when sweating in the gym.

The pants themselves are made up of: 80 & 85% nylon/15 & 20% spandex.

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If you are a runner, avid athlete or someone who spends a lot of their time on your feet you will love these. They are thin enough to wear underneath your clothing while at work or out running errands.

I like to wear them layered underneath especially since it is so cold out they are a great second layer to keep me warm and help my legs recover at the same time.


McDavid has offered to giveaway a pair of McDavid Women’s Recovery Tights to one of my readers!



Enter via the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway will run until 11:59 PM EST Friday, March 14th. I will announce the winner in next Saturday’s post.

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Good luck!

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