Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend so far.  I got in my “long” run yesterday and unfortunately the weather decided it didn’t want to play nice, so we headed inside for it.


I ended up doing a total of 7.35 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I was really happy with the workout and was able to keep proper form the entire time. I am really excited for the return of long runs, no matter how “long” they may be.

7 Mile Run

I hung around while Wes finished up his 16 mile run and then we headed home to relax the rest of the night.


Here is a run down of my workouts this week:

Monday (3/24)

Run: 5.32 miles


Tuesday (3/25)

Run: 3.59 miles

Strength Training: 20 minutes


Wednesday (3/26)

Run: 5.25 miles


Thursday (3/27)

Run: 4.04 miles

Strength Training: 25 minutes


Friday (3/28)

Rest Day


Saturday (3/29)

Run: 7.35 miles


Sunday (3/30)

Not sure yet. It will probably end up being a rest day or maybe a short run. We will see how I feel.


I am really happy with how my body so far is progressing back into running. I’ve been keeping on top of stretching, weight training and my nutrition and my body seems to be responding very well.

It sure is amazing what happens when you finally do what you are supposed to do! HA.


Ready for some link share again? Here are a few interesting articles/blog posts I’ve come across this week:

1. Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link

I read this article earlier this week and then saw Megan also discussed it in her recent blog post.

Saturated Fats and Heart Disease

We all have heard over and over again how bad saturated fats are for us, but this recent study actually shows that they may not be as bad for you as you think.  It did not show a higher risk of heart disease in those that ate diets with more saturated fats than others.

I agree with Dr. Hu (and Megan) in that they both agreed that this doesn’t give us a “green light” to go ahead and eat whatever we want.  We still need to be eating a well balanced diet and focusing on getting the proper nutrition. Saturated fats just like everything else can be eaten in moderation.


2. Underweight Even Deadlier Than Overweight

A recent study came out and said that being underweight is even deadlier than being overweight.  The articles says that after nearly 50 prior studies that the excessively thin have almost twice the death risk.

Of course, there can be a variety of reasons for people be underweight: malnourishment, drug or alcohol use, smoking, poverty and mental health issues. However, the study found that is comparison to those with a normal BMI underweight individuals had a 1.8 great risk of dying while obese individuals has a 1.2 greater risk of dying.

I think it is safe to say that either extreme are very harmful to the body.


3. After the Match: Doctors Waiting Tables?

My husband sent me this article earlier in the week and I found it really interesting since we just went through the match. The article states that approximately 1,400 MD and DO graduates did not match into any residency program in 2013.

How can this be? To simplify it the government foots the bill for residents and after the Balanced Budget Act was passed in 1997 GME funding from the federal government was capped. No additional residency spots were able to be funded until Congress fixed the budget deficit. Yeah we all know how that is progressing along.

The bottom line is that we cannot treat more people, or provide better healthcare if we do not have enough physicians in the United States.  As of right now, there is a cap on how many residency positions there can be each year and until we increase that there are still going to be many medical school graduates without a residency.

Just some interesting thoughts as the issue of health care is constantly at the forefront of discussion these days.
4. Cup of Coffee Reduces RSI Arm Pain

This is a fun study I found while browsing the internet. The study found that those who used their computer a lot throughout the week and drank a cup of coffee prior to beginning their work had reduced pain.

Coffee Study

You don’t have to give me another reason to drink coffee!


5. Deaf Woman Hears After 40 Years of Silence

I will leave you with this amazing video of a woman who hears for the first time after 40 years. I can’t even imagine!


What is something interesting you have read this week?

How did your training go?

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