Just when I thought I had seen some awesome bags, Apera blew me away.

A few weeks ago I made a comment to my husband that we needed to replace the backpack he took to the gym every day. It was old and needed to be washed, but I wasn’t quite sure I could even do that.

When the opportunity came along for us to try out a bag from Apera I jumped at the chance! An added bonus was that I would finally get him to get rid of that old nasty bag he’d been using.

Wes selected the Tech Pack and I selected the Performance Duffle to try out.

Active Pack and Performance Duffle

We spend time at the gym every day and since we live on the other side of town a lot of times we won’t go back home until late in the evening.  This means we want a bag that can hold a lot.


As I mentioned, I chose to try out the Performance Duffle.

Sara Performance Duffle

Aside from the awesome pink color (it also comes in black, blue/black, and white) the first thing that caught my eye was that the bag was much bigger than I expected.

Performance Duffle

Here are a few features of the Performance Duffle:

  • Antimicrobial protection inside and outside
  • Ventilated compartments
  • Water resistant base and wipeable lining


There are so many different compartments on the Performance Duffle that it took me several times using it to really discover them all.

Side Shoe Compartment

One of my favorite compartments on the bag is the side shoe pocket. According to Apera, this pocket can hold a pair of shoes up to a men’s size 11.5.  I also used this compartment to carry my water bottles. I typically have two with me when I go to the gym: water bottle and a protein shake bottle so it worked perfectly.

Large Side Pocket

There is a large side zipper pocket that I used to store my computer chord and planner.

Small Side Zipper Compartment

A small side zipper pocket is located on the other side. This was perfect for headphones, cell phone and my Garmin.

Upper Compartments

On the top were two small zipper compartments. I haven’t quite found a use for this yet, but I know they will come in handy in the future!

The great thing to me about this bag is that it can be used for anything. It works perfectly for a gym back but I can’t wait to use it on a weekend trip. It carries so much that I wouldn’t need to take multiple small bags with me when traveling anymore.


Wes opted to go with the Tech Pack.

Active Pack

A few features of the Tech Pack:

  • Antimicrobial protection inside and out
  • Inside padded compartment that holds and protects your computer
  • Two separate ventilated pockets on the outside for shoes that can hold up to a men’s size 16 shoe.

The first and most important thing Wes looked for when selecting a bag was the antimicrobial protection.  He throws a lot of sweaty and dirty clothes in his bag after working out. This was the biggest problem with the previous bag he carried around.

Antimicrobial PRotection

As you know Wes is a stickler about his supplements. He carries his vitamins with him when he goes to the gym to make sure to take them at the same time every day.

Fit Pack Small Upper Compartment

He loved the small compartment on the top that made it easy to keep them from getting lost in all his other things.

LapTop Compartment

Wes (like myself) has to carry his laptop around with him a lot.  He often will be coming right from a rotation to the gym so having a separate laptop sleeve within the backpack was nice. It keeps it away and protected from everything else in the bag.

Adjustable Straps

The straps are easy to adjust and sits very comfortably on your back.  He made a point to say to me how much more comfortable the Tech Pack was to carry around than his previous one.

**Please note: Wes had mentioned to me that the strap on his Tech Pack seemed to be coming loose very easily. Shortly after, Apera contacted me to say that they had received a defective shipment of their bag and had to put a freeze on their inventory. While it didn’t matter much to Wes because he loved the bag so much, I wanted to make note so that you will realize why you can no longer find the Tech Pack on their website. It will be coming back in the near future once they get in a new shipment.


We were both so amazed by the quality and practicality of our Apera bags.

Apera has been nice enough to offer one of their Sprint Pack to one of my readers plus a 25% off coupon if you wish to purchase another bag on their site.

Apera sprint Pack

Simply enter below. The giveaway will run until Tuesday, March 18th at 11:59 PM EST.

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Good luck!

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