Yesterday’s workout was the best ever. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it felt to run. 

The winner of the Plant Fusion Protein will be selected at the end of this post, so keep reading!


We had a great Saturday night together. I unplugged for most of the night and spent quality time with the husband.  We have a few pretty big decisions coming up next week, so we opted to stay at home and watch some movies. It was nice to just not think for a while and relax.


There were many delicious treats had: Lucky Charm Rice Krispie Treats and Blueberry Yogurt Cookies.



We also took one of our cats out for a little drive and Chinese food 🙂

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I have to say sometimes the simplest nights are the best nights!


Here is a break down of my workouts this week:

Monday (1/13)

AM: 4.50 mile run, 1.00 mile walk, and lower body weights.

PM: 30 minute spin session.


Tuesday (1/14)

AM: 3.56 mile run and 1.68 mile walk.

PM: 40 minute spin session and upper body weights.


Wednesday (1/15)

AM: 4.5 mile run and 1.00 mile walk.

PM: 40 minute spin session


Thursday (1/16)

AM: 3.5 mile run and 1.8 mile walk.

PM: Upper/Lower body weights and 2.6 mile walk.


Friday (1/17)

Rest Day


Saturday (1/18)

I started the day knowing I was going to run the furthest I had run in months. Try almost 6 months.

The goal was 8 miles. I would start the first 2 miles out extremely slow (10:30 pace) and then work my way into it. This actually ended up coming in handy because my legs were so sore from some lower body weights I did Thursday.

 I ended up running mile 3 at a 10:00 min pace and then knocking it down to 9:50 for the rest of the miles. It went really well aside from the fact that I was sore beyond belief from my weight training throughout the week.

Take that as a lesson on why you shouldn’t take a 4-5 month hiatus from strength training.

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I walked an extra mile when it was all said in done in hopes that my legs would shake out a bit. No such luck.


I decided to try to see if spinning would make them feel a bit better. 

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I spun very very easy for 40 minutes and that did the trick! I am still sore and tight, but my legs finally loosened up and I felt much better.


Sunday (1/19)  

I have a short spinning and weight lifting session planned, but we will see how the day progresses.



Total Miles Ran – 24.3

Total Miles Biked – 69.4

Total Miles Walked – 9.2


Overall I am really happy with my progress. I got 4 days of strength training in, cut back on my spinning, and kept progressing with running. I don’t think you can get much better than that!


To get to what most of you are here to find out anyways, the winner of the Plant Fusion giveaway is Kristen Beck. Congrats Kristen! I will be emailing your shortly so that we can get your protein powder on the way to you!

You can see the drawing for the winner back on the original post.

Thank you all for entering. Don’t you worry – there is more fun to come. Stay tuned!


How did your training go this week?

Did you hit any new goals or try anything new? 

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