I have gotten pretty deep with you guys this week! Whew!

Thank you so much for all the kind words on my posts from Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday’s post was pretty hard to write but just like I thought sometimes when I sit down and write it out it allows me to let go of some of it. It doesn’t mean that it has completely go away, but I realize some of the things I need to learn to let go.

I don’t know how I would get through some of these things without your awesome support!

I am going to step back from the deep posts now, I need a break and I am sure you do too!


This week has been a lot of craziness but I have also overcome a lot of things. I have finally figured out my workout routine (for now) which I am prepared I will have to adapt again in a few weeks, but it makes me happy.

Gym Workouts

I am starting to find enjoyment in being in the gym again AND I am finally feeling like I am starting to get my old running self back. Let me clarify when I say “old” I am meaning my body is slowly coming back not that I am adapting my crazy habits that I had before.


This post has actually been sitting in my pending folder for quite some time.

I didn’t want to really post it before I knew for sure I was ready to say it. I am recovered from my femoral stress fracture.

There were days I never thought I would be able to say those words. There were days when I remember saying to my husband “I will never run again.” I knew I was being dramatic but that was the only way I knew to express the hopelessness I felt.

I am ready and proud to say that – I AM BACK!

2014 01 15 14 49 57

This picture was supposed to depict me celebrating….yeah It didn’t turn out quite as planned, but you get the idea.


Before I jump the gun I want to clarify that I am not back and ready to train for a marathon again, but I truly believe that my leg is fully recovered from my femoral stress fracture and now it is a matter of slowly easing back into running.

I am still keeping my per day mileage during the week at no more than 3-4 miles and then adding a bit more on my Saturday run. This will probably stay pretty stable until February then I will try to step it up slowly.


As many of you probably know, a May marathon in hopes for qualifying for the Boston Marathon isn’t happening. I know when I first wrote my post on my stress fracture I was still set that I had time to train.  If I wanted to really push myself and attempt for a lesser goal I could, but at this point in our lives I think it is better to improve slowly.

The May-June time frame will bring a lot of change so I’ve decided to put that dream on hold a little.

I say “on hold” but I hopefully don’t mean for too long. As soon as I feel my body is ready I will slowly begin adding small speed work in but that isn’t anytime soon. At this point I will work on improving my speed but slowly and not all at once. This is the smarter and safer thing for me to do.


I am 27 years old (almost 28) and I have plenty of time to still reach my Boston qualifying dream. It is still a large goal but it is still my main goal and with smart training I know it can happen!


There you have it. After almost 5 months, a lot of cross training, some running, and a lot of struggle I have recovered from my femoral stress fracture, something I at one time thought would never happen!


“Today, I will overcome. Whatever is placed in front of me, I will overcome.  Whatever I know or don’t know, I will overcome.  No matter how many times I fall or fail, I will overcome. Life did not create me to stand on the sidelines, I was created to overcome. Today is my day and I will overcome!” – Richard Rogers

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What have you overcome that you are proud of?

What are a few of your long term goals?

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