About two months ago EnduroPacks contacted me via twitter to ask me a few questions about my training.

Enduro Pack


They discussed with me the possibility of trying out their product and see what I thought about it. At the time since I was still healing from my stress fracture I didn’t really feel it would be fair to try out their product, but requested if they could hold off until the end of December I would be getting back into running by then.


Just as promised at the end of December a box showed up at my front door.

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I had read some about their products on the site, and was really interested and excited to give it a try.


The basic idea behind EnduroPacks it that a package of four essential endurance training products will be delivered right to your door each month.  The products themselves have been tested and created by endurance athletes to cut out some of the guessing on which products will best fit your training.  

We all know that there is a lot to figure out when it comes to a proper training plan: how much, how often, what to eat, how to cross train, how to strength train.  The goal of EnduroPacks is to help take some of that guessing out of the process and make it simple and easy for you.


Each EnduroPack contains four products.

Enduro Pack Products


Liquid Multivitamin

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This multivitamin is made to be taken pre-workout.  Unlike a lot of multivitamins out on the market, theirs comes in a liquid format.  You are supposed to take 1 tablespoon every morning when you wake up. The liquid format allows the multivitamin to be quickly absorbed into your body.

I was a little skeptical at first about the multivitamin in liquid form. The more I thought about it though the more it intrigued me because there are a lot of fun ways you can add this into your diet.  One of the things I loved to do was add it to smoothies.  I like to switch up my breakfast every morning, but most of the time you can find me making a protein packed smoothie.  I loved to throw my tablespoon of the multivitamin into the smoothie to add essential vitamins and minerals.

The taste at first is a little different.  I usually take my multivitamin in pill form so the liquid threw me off a bit. After I had taken it a few times though it was quick and easy to take. I normally will add it to a smoothie, but I have taken it straight several times and really loved it.


Concentrated Electrolyte Spray

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The electrolyte spray is to be taken during your workout.  You simply add it to whatever drink you take for your workout.  The directions instruct you to use 5 sprays per 8 oz bottle of liquid.  The minerals within the electrolyte spray help to keep you hydrated, sustain energy, and help maintain your muscles and organs.

The great thing I found about the electrolyte spray is you don’t even notice it. I have never been a fan of sugar sports drinks. They often have too much of a taste for me to use during workouts and since I have a sensitive stomach a lot of the time they make it difficult for me to workout. That is why I am always leery of trying out new sports drinks.

This electrolyte spray was simple, tasteless, and allowed me to not have to worry about stomach issues the entire time.  I simply added it to my water before starting my workout and never noticed it.


Essential Amino Recovery Patch

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The amino recovery patch is be used post-workout.  The instructions are simple: apply one patch to clean, dry skin after your workout and leave it on for 4-8 hours.  They suggest that you apply the patch to either your inner forearm, back, or stomach.

2014 01 21 20 08 11

We have all heard that amino acids are great in aiding in recovery of the body.  This is a simple and easy way to get your amino acids in after your workout and help your body recover.  At first I thought I would notice the patch, but I completely forgot I had it on.  I wore the patch sometimes right after my workout, and sometimes I would wear it to bed at night to help my body recover while I was sleeping.

At the time I was testing the products out I was not on as intense of a training schedule as I once was, but I did feel that my body was recovered and ready the days following my workouts when I used the amino acid patch.


Glutamine Recovery Complex

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This product is to be used before you go to sleep. I have always used glutatmine, and have even written a post about how I used it to aid in my recovery almost every day when I was marathon training.  As an endurance athlete your body is depleted of glutamine and this can actually increase your chance of injury of fatigue.

The instructions on the bottle say to take two tablets every night.  The great thing about glutamine in the pill form is it is much easier to take. Previously when I used glutamine in my recovery regiment I used the powder form and would mix it with water or a drink post-workout.  It doesn’t have a horrible flavor but I did have to usually gulp it down before it all settled to the bottom. The pills make it simple and easy to take.

Glutamine has always made my body feel well rested, recovered, and ready to go the next day.  These are a great and easy form of glutamine.


EnduroPacks can be delivered to your door through several package options.

Enduro Pack Purchased Options



You have the option for a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  They all have a 30 day risk-free guarantee and free shipping. Your subscription does not renew automatically.

All these products are a great addition to any endurance athlete’s daily regiment.  These products were all formulated and tested by previous endurance athletes and are not only what they believe to be the most necessary products for athletes, but are also in the easiest and most convenient formats.

You can view some of their sponsored athletes and read what others besides myself have to say about EnduroPacks.

If you’d like to purchase your own EnduroPack use the coupon code lovingontherun to receive 15% off! This code won’t expire so even after the giveaway has ended you will able to use it.

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