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Our day yesterday went pretty much like I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Up and to the gym, relax, and then a date night.


Zoe pretty much sums up the relaxing part of our Saturday afternoons.


Here is a run down of this week’s training:

Monday – Running Interval Test and Upper Body Weights

I did a 60 minute interval workout on the treadmill.

It started with 5 minutes walking (3.5 mph) and then 5 minutes running (6.0 mph) – repeat.

I then finished with upper body weights and lots of stretching.



2 easy mile on grass in the morning before we headed out on the road.


Wednesday Rest Day


Thursday Running Interval and Weights

I did the same workout as on Monday, but it got broken up a bit.

5 minutes walking (3.6 mph) and then 5 minutes running (6.0 mph) – repeat. I did 40 minutes, took a break, and then proceeded to finish the final 20 minutes.

I then focused on stretching and a few leg weights.


Friday – Biking, Walking, and Stretching

I wish I could call this a decent workout, but it really didn’t happen.

I did 20 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes of walking, and then stretching.

I wasn’t feeling like being at the gym so it was kind of a so-so workout.


Saturday – Running Interval, Form Drills, and Weights

I took the running intervals a tiny step further today.

I started with 5 minutes walking (3.6 mph) and then 6 minutes running (6.0 mph). I repeated this for a total of 70 minutes. I upped each running interval by one minute and then extended the workout 10 extra minutes. Baby steps.

2013 12 07 12 37 19

Again, there was no pain.

2013 12 07 12 48 51

I did have some calf tightness when I made sure to stretch and foam roll really well after finishing up the run.

2013 12 07 12 49 58

The happiness continues.


Wes usually does 16+ miles on Saturday so I knew I had some extra time to kill while waiting on him.

Here was what I came up with for the rest of my workout.

2013 12 07 18 53 02

I started with the ab work and then finished by doing some upper body weights, squats, and form drills.

2013 12 07 13 21 44

This was one of my ab workouts. I held an exercise ball with my legs and then used my abs to pull my legs towards my chest.

I am going to do a post soon about some running form drills you can do when coming back from injury. A lot of the normal form drills require a lot of force on your leg, so I have a few that I do each day that are low impact.


Sunday Rest Day


Week in Summary:

Total Running – 4

Total Workout Days – 5

Total Rest Days – 2


We opted for a shorter date night last night since Wes had to get back to study.

We went out for dinner and then got some frozen yogurt. It was wonderful. 

2013 12 07 17 08 54

One more week and his test will be over. Then we will be able to have much longer date nights!


How did your training go this week?

How many rest days do you take each week? I am slowly trying to figure out what works for me.

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