Good morning!

Tuesday definitely turned things around for me. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that Wes has finished his test. I forgot what it is like to actually get so spend quality time with him!


He did start a new rotation today so was gone for most of the morning and afternoon.

I left the house because I knew I had to get out and get some work done.

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I am trying to get ahead of the game a bit in case we find out when we are able to leave for Christmas.  I actually got a lot accomplished and plan on doing this again tomorrow to keep ahead of things. 

I want to be able to spend as much time with the family as possible when we do go home.


Once Wes was done seeing his second set of patients we headed to the gym.

I’ll admit I am so used to getting my workouts done in the morning that I started my workout with very low energy.

I was happy though that my workout started on the treadmill.

Day 1 of running for the week.

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My workout looked something like this:

Running Interval

You could easily use this as a non-stress fracture recovery workout and just up the intervals. Use the “on” intervals as sprints instead of easy running.

Overall it went really well and there was no pain. I really can tell my body is happy to slow down and take the progression back to running a bit slower. I 100% believe adding spinning into my workouts almost daily has also helped me!


After I finished my 40 minute run I got off the treadmill, changed clothes, and went to spin.

I had already planned out both my running and my spinning workouts ahead of time.

2013 12 17 14 28 09

I was doing a shortened version of the workout I did last Wednesday.

As I was getting ready to get started I realized a spin class was about to start in 20 minutes. I started with my warm up until the class begun.

I wasn’t able to do most of the class because there was a lot of standing, but I was able to incorporate some of the sprints. I ended up doing a hodgepodge of my workout and the spin class.

I totaled 70 minutes on the spin bike and it was a great workout!


I have learned over the past couple weeks I am an extreme over thinker. I can sit there and think about my workout for longer than it takes to actually do it. That is how spinning started for me. I’ve never been able to get into it the past, so when I have spinning workouts planned the entire ride to the gym I dread it. I start thinking about how boring it’s going to be and how hard it will be to get through.

Guess what? The moment I start the workout I love it.  There is something about sweating that turns my whole day around. I consider it my natural anti-deppresant and I find that I am a completely different person afterwards.  If I have learned one thing it is stop thinking about it and just do it. 

We so often over think our workouts. Stop! Walk into the gym (or step outside) and GO! Don’t think about it just do it. There has never been a time I’ve regretted a workout!


Do you over think your workouts?

What did your workout look like? 

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