I for one am so glad that Monday is OVER!

I sat most of the day worrying about Wes and his test. I dropped him off just before 8:30 to go take it. I had all day to wait around and worry, but I sure am glad that is over!


We got over a foot of snow in the last 24 hours. On top of what was already there!

2013 12 16 07 55 27

This was what our back porch looked like this morning when I got up. My dog hates it and takes even LONGER to use the bathroom when I take her out. Yes, I am over the snow already and it is only December.

2013 12 16 11 32 04

Just in case anyone was wondering about my “death cycles” they have now grown down past my window. It is starting to get a bit ridiculous. I am really afraid they are going to fall and break something!


I picked Wes up from his test around 5:30 and then we headed to the gym.  It has been a while since I have been there that late and it was really hard to get myself motivated.

2013 12 16 18 56 22

I ended up spinning for about 70 minutes.  It wasn’t anything special, I just adjusted the resistance as I felt like it.

When I arrived at the gym a spin class had started about 20 minutes ago. Instead of moving the bike out of the room like I normally do I decided just to walk in and do my own thing while the class was going on.  This way I only had to end up doing about 25 minutes alone. It worked out very well.


Once we left the gym we came home to feed the animals and realized it was almost 8:30 and neither of us had eaten.  

We found a coupon for buy one get one for $0.99 at Subway and figured it was the perfect night for it. We were both tired and didn’t feel like cooking.

2013 12 16 20 34 09

It had been quite a while since I’ve had Subway. It was delicious and the perfect start to a relaxing evening.


I have an update already for you on my goals:

-Fingers crossed but I THINK I may have a part time job lined up starting the middle of January. There are still some details to be worked out, but it is progress!

-I did accomplish my Christmas shopping for my husband today.  I still have a long way to go but it is progress!

-One day of cross training complete. I didn’t run which I wasn’t supposed to, but I did skip the weights tonight because of how late it was. 


Don’t worry I won’t be updating my goals every day, but thought it was fun to show after one day progress has already been made!


I am off to spend a little quality time with the husband now that for once he doesn’t have to study all night.  Sorry for the completely random and all over the place post!

I have a great recipe coming for you later today! Stay tuned!


What did you have for dinner?

Did you get your Monday workout in?

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