This is how most of my Sunday looked. Wes has a big test today so we stayed in so he could get one last long day of studying done.

2013 12 12 19 47 05

There is nothing better than hot tea when the snow won’t stop coming down.

I did get a lot of work accomplished and ran a few errands I have been putting off. We still have done zero Christmas shopping and hopefully will get on that during the next few days.


I also cleaned the house, but this little girl kept forgetting that and wanted to play all morning instead.

2013 12 15 13 47 34

Needless to say only about half or the cleaning got done. Thankfully I have this morning to finish up the rest.


I am starting to get a bit nervous about our Christmas plans. I have no idea what is going to end up happening, but the whole Christmas on a Wednesday thing really makes it more complicated. Only time will tell.


At the beginning of every week I let to set goals. A lot of times they are really simple and sometimes they are larger. 

I vary them between fitness goals, personal goals, and sometimes it ends up a long “to do” list. Regardless I find that they are really helpful and leave me feeling productive. 

I sat down last night and made up a list again for myself of goals for the week.


This week I came up with just a few simple goals:

Weekly Goals


Pre-Planned Workouts: I set the goal of running NO MORE than two days during this week.  That is still my plan.  It is easy during the week to get antsy and want to throw in an extra day, but my goal this week is to make sure I stick to the plan. On top of the two running days I also want to incorporate at least five days of cross training and strength training during two to three days.  

Christmas Related Activities: Some of you may remember when I posted about joining in on the 24 Days of Togetherness.  I am sad to say it has not turned out exactly as planned with Wes’ studying schedule.  Thankfully his test is this morning so I am hoping that now that he will have some extra time on his hands that we can fit in at least two fun Christmas related activities this week before Christmas.

Christmas Shopping: I don’t think I really need to go into much explanation on this one. I have to not only start my Christmas shopping but I also need to make sure that it all gets completed. I have set myself up for quite the week.

Part-Time Job Search: I haven’t mentioned much about the job search on the blog mostly because I hate talking about it especially when something doesn’t work out.  We have been rethinking our position over the next 6 months until we move and decided the best decision is in January to start looking for part time jobs.  I of course cannot bring in the income with one part time job so the goal optimally would be to find at least two that can somewhat supplement our income. This has been a very long and difficult process with losing my job being so close to the time that we will be moving, so for all parties involved we believe this is the best decision.

Blogging: My goal for this week is to try something new. I mentioned on Thursday last week I wanted to start doing two posts a day. I realized after the fact that this might have been a slightly large goal all at once, so I have decided to focus on two posts a day Monday-Thursday and then one post a day Friday-Sunday so I have a bit more time to enjoy he weekend.


There you have it! My goals for the week.


What are your goals for this week?

Anyone attending any Holiday parties this week?

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