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We arrived at our first destination of our two week traveling extravaganza around 7:30 pm last night.

We actually left a couple days early before interviews start to go to Wes’ grandmother’s surprise 90th birthday party today.  It just happened to work out perfectly that we would already be traveling!

IMG 2502

Just a beautiful picture from our drive down to Virginia. I love when the sun shines through the clouds!


Since it is Sunday here is my recap of cross training for the week:

Monday – Rest Day

Traveling back from Washington D.C. so took this as a rest day.

Tuesday – Swimming

40 laps in the pool for a total of just over 50 minutes of swimming.

Wednesday – Walking and Upper Body

45 minute walk with my dog along with a few upper body exercises.

Thursday – Swimming and Arc Trainer

20 minutes on the Arc Trainer, 15 minutes lower body weights, and 1 hours swimming (50 laps).

Friday – Walking

45 minute easy walk with Zoe.

IMG 2495

Saturday – Arc Trainer and Swimming

I wanted to get ONE last real good workout in before going on the road for two weeks.

We dropped our dog off early in the morning at a friends house to stay while we are gone, and then went to the gym before starting our journey.

IMG 2498

I opted for 30 minutes on the arc trainer and then a little over a mile swim.

I had to get the most I could out of the hour and a half we and at the gym before getting on the road.

Sunday – Rest

Total Stats for the Week:

5 days of cross training workouts

2 rest days


Overall I am happy with this week’s cross training.

Honestly, I have to say my leg is still not where I was hoping it would be at this point. I can tell I still need to take it easy and try to do as much non-weight bearing cross training as possible.

I won’t have access to a pool while we are out of town, so I am not quite sure yet how the workouts over the next couple weeks are going to go.

I did download the Nike Training Club app on my iPhone.

IMG 2491

I am thinking I could use this to get some strength training in.  We are staying with family a few days where I can use their gyms, but the other days I will have to use whatever the hotels have.

I heard good things about this app, but I haven’t really tried it out yet. I will let you know how it goes!

Off to shower and get ready to the birthday party! Have a great Sunday!

Do you have any go-to fitness apps that you use? Any recommendations?

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