I have some major news today. Yesterday was a day I will never forget due to two very awesome things.

First, I completed my first semi-long walk outside with no pain.

This is big news because every time I have walked I have had some aching and pain from it, but today there was none!

IMG 2583

I walked for an hour and half. I originally wasn’t going to go this long, but Wes and I headed out to a local trail near his parent’s house for him to do his workout and I just kept walking.

I happened to look at my phone that I was timing it on at 45 minutes and was shocked I’d been walking that long. I guess I was just in the zone. I turned around and walked back finishing out the hour and a half.

IMG 2582

It was a little cool outside but absolutely beautiful. The perfect fall day and I am so happy to be in North Carolina right now and not Erie, Pennsylvania where we just got out first snow of the season.

Remember how I mentioned in yesterday’s post that if you aren’t focused on the right things that you can miss the beautiful and simple parts of life? This was one of them. Every part of the run was relaxing and beautiful.

I don’t miss it and I am looking forward to staying away from it for the rest of the week.

After I finished my walk I walked over to find Wes doing some drills on a small soccer field.

IMG 2584

This is when exciting thing #2 happened for the day.

Wes suggested I try out and see where my leg was at and attempt to do some “shuffling” across the grass field.

I say “shuffling” instead of running because I did the running motion but didn’t pick my feet up all the way just a little shuffle.

I only did one width of the field and it wasn’t very long but there was no pain!

This was a good start and I am happy with it! I doubt I will be trying this again this week, but just the movement of running again made me so excited to start back one day!


I have learned that it is so important to celebrate the small things!

I still may be a ways away, but I am making progress and that is something to be happy about!


We had another residency dinner last night and then got to bed early. This dinners are really exhausting and it didn’t help that for some reason I got a crazy headache after we finished dinner.


I’m sorry for the quick post today. We have a lot going on, but I may have something REALLY special coming for you tomorrow, so stay TUNED!! 🙂


Have you ever gotten lost on a run/walk and gone further than you thought?

What is something small you can celebrate today?

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