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I wish I had something exciting to tell you about yesterday.

Instead I only took a total of 3 pictures.


My Tuesday night ended like this.

IMG 2588

My Wednesday started like this.

IMG 2590

There was lots and lots of kitty love going around my in-laws house.

The cats get really cold in the winter and since the temperatures dropped to the low 20’s that night they were all about staying close.


IMG 2591

I went to the gym with Wes in the morning before we got back on the road. I did an hour easy walk (3.7 mph, 1% incline) and then some arms and abs.

It was a good workout.

I am in the mode of doing one harder workout day and then take an entire day off.  It is seeming to work pretty well for me. It gives my leg time to rest and recover and so far still no pain.


Today is the very last interview and then we are spending 3 more nights in NC visiting and relaxing before heading back to Erie, PA.  We have a two week break before we start traveling again.

I don’t want to go back to Erie but I do look forward to seeing my fur children soon! I miss them like crazy!


I have shared with you some of my favorite workout songs a couple times before, but I decided it’s time to update to some of the new songs I am loving.


1. “Stay” – Florida Georgia Line

2. “Still Into You” – Paramore

3. “Counting Stars” – One Republic

4. “Sunny and 75” – Joe Nichols

5. “Silverado Bench Seat” – Granger Smith

6. “Hold On We’re Going Home” – Drake


As you can see a majority of them this time are country. I guess this North Carolina trip is bringing back the inner southern girl in me.

They aren’t all quick paced songs, but I enjoy a variety of tempos when working out.


What are some of your favorite workout songs? (I’m always looking to update mine!)

What is your favorite genre of music for running or working out?

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