I realized last night that I forgot to do my normal Five Things Friday post yesterday.

I am telling you this week has been so crazy. I forget what day of the week it is!

Anyways. I will be back to normal posts next Friday I guess. I’ll take a hiatus this week!


I went to the gym this morning mostly to get a break from the house. I’d been working all morning and needed a break.

I started off with a warm up of:

500 meters rowing

20 push ups

20 situps


I wanted to sweat so I decided to do some on the arc trainer.

IMG 2655

Just over 30 minutes and it really got my heart rate up! Just what I was looking for.


I finished up with some bicep and tricep work. Friday mornings are the best time to be at the gym because it usually completely empty and I am not competing for anything.

IMG 2656


Wes ran to the gym to meet me again. We had to get back so he could study but it was a nice little break.

IMG 2657

This is me trying to take a picture in the car at a stop light. Yeah – turned out real well right!?


The holiday’s are quickly approaching.  It is officially only a week until Thanksgiving and then Christmas is fast approaching.

Our thanksgiving is shaping up to be a quiet one, but in all honesty I am very excited for it.

Between the stress of the past week and traveling it will be nice to hang at home with our little family.


My favorite holiday by far is Christmas. I love every single thing about it. I even love the snow that comes in December because it reminds me of Christmas.

Don’t get your hopes up snow – I hate you the rest of the 4-5 months you stick around.


We are on a pretty strict budget so Christmas decorating is limited, but I’m trying to do the best I can.

IMG 2666

This is what I have so far. I need some stockings to complete it. Though you can’t tell this is our fireplace that we don’t use.

I know it’s not Pinterest worthy, but it’s something!


One of my favorite things about Christmas are the traditions.

My favorite traditions are:

1. Christmas Light Touring

Every Christmas Eve growing up my parents, brother, and I would go look at Christmas lights around the city. We always had our favorite houses to go to and I always looked forward to it.


2. Candle Light Church Service

We also would go to a candle light church service every Christmas Eve and it was so beautiful.

It really put me in the Christmas spirit.


3. Christmas Movies

Xmas Movies

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

2. Love Actually

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas

4. A Christmas Story


Just a few of my favorites. Quite the variety isn’t it? I will watch just about every movie if it is Christmas related.


4. Picking Out and Decorating the Christmas Tree

I remember it was always such an event in our household to go pick out the Christmas tree each year.

The husband and I still try to make it an event and it is my favorite day!

I usually will put the lights on and then Wes will help me add the ornaments. One of my favorite things to do in December is to sit downstairs with the tree on, warm drink and a good book in hand, and the snow coming down outside. It is so relaxing.


Tell me, what are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? Have they changed as you’ve gotten older?

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