My husband is taking his Step 2 medical board exam today and I am super nervous for him. The good news? Once this test is over he only has ONE MORE “practical” test (not written) and then no more exams while in medical school!

Wow, we REALLY are on the home stretch aren’t we!?


Some other good news – I had a job interview this morning!

IMG 2361

This is my “please hire me” face. Don’t worry I didn’t actually show this face in my interview! 🙂

I am not getting my hopes up, but I haven’t had one in while so it was a nice tiny bit of positive news.

It was 37 when I left for my interview yesterday morning – what happened to fall!?


I’ve had to do a lot of listening to my body the past couple days.

So remember on Tuesday when I did the hour of walking and then skipped my planned spin class?

My leg wasn’t feeling right.  It wasn’t HURTING but something was off. I think I made a really good decision by not pushing through that.

I backed off a little bit today and just opted to swim.

IMG 2385

I am not a good picture taker, I didn’t mean to cut my head off here!

I did a mile of swimming and then finished up an hour with some more laps for a total of 44 laps in the pool. A good workout, but even better there wasn’t any pressure on my leg.

IMG 2386

I have decided that between now and when we leave Friday for Washington D.C. I will only be swimming and/or spinning – no more walking. I think I over did it a bit and I want to make sure my leg is good to walk around D.C. during the weekend.

I am learning more and more and need to remember to listen to my body, because I think it knows best!


Here are some quick tips for swimming: (I swim Freestyle)

1. Make sure your hands are coming up over your head. 

When I first started swimming my arms were coming out more to the side.

This made it harder and made my arms VERy tired.

Freestyle Hand Entry


2. Follow through by pushing your hards down to your side.

Make sure you follow completely through on the stroke.  If you are like me and not using your legs to kick, then this is what propels you through the water.

Freestyle Pull Good EVF


3. Take breaks when you need to.

I usually swim about 4 laps and then take a small 5-10 second break.

This primarily allows me to adjust my goggles and take a breather. Of course, if you are more experience swimmer you may not need as many breaks, I am just starting out so I’m still building up.

4. Wear a swim cap or ear plugs to avoid water getting in your ears.

I have had some issues with getting water in my ears. I wear a swim cap but it rides up and doesn’t keep it out.

Trust me, you want to avoid this it’s very annoying.

5. If you are swimming due to a lower body injury, place a buoy between your legs to avoid kicking.

I can’t paddle my legs simply because it is excess work on my leg.

I place a buoy between my legs and this allows them to float and I use my arms to propel myself forward.


Do you have any swimming tips? I am trying to learn as much as I can!

What is your workout today? 


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