Today’s Workout – Spinning

Total Time: 30 minutes

Resistance: 7

I have a new best friend. The spin bike.

My super amazing, awesome, perfect husband found a way for me to get my gym membership back.

I only went today for about 30 minutes. Wes had to leave to go study and since we road together I only had about 30 minutes to get a workout in.

It ended up working our pretty perfectly because I really shouldn’t have done anymore than 30 minutes to begin with.

IMG 2272

Please excuse the pictures. The room was very dark.

I walked in and was so happy to find that a class wasn’t going on.  In the future I will probably go to some of the classes and just do my own thing or only parts of the class, but for now I knew I needed to take it easy.

IMG 2271

I kept very little resistance on the bike and wore my heart rate monitor.  I wanted to make sure I kept my heart rate up the entire time. The main purpose of spinning is to keep my cardiovascular endurance up.

I kept my resistance at 7 and my heart rate in the 160-170 range most of the time.

IMG 2276

Those are the final stats for my spinning session.  Again, I apologize for the picture the room was not very picture friendly.

I wore my Polar FT4 while spinning with my heart rate monitor.

IMG 2278

I accidentally stopped it a couple minutes in that’s why it is only showing 27 minutes.

My watch said I burned 335 calories then spin bike said 200, so not quite sure which is right but that isn’t important. I was just happy that I was able to complete a good cardio workout without leg pain.

IMG 2279

I had to rush to shower and get dressed so that Wes could head to study for his medical board exam next week.

Wes hasn’t been feeling well and I am starting to feel like I am coming down with something as well.  I wanted to lift his spirits up a little so I made Lucky Charm Rice Krispie Treats.

Disclosure: These are not healthy. I just made them as a fun “treat.” Everyone needs a good treat now and then!

IMG 2284

The ingredients are really simple and made just like a normal rice krispie treat.

IMG 2285

I had a small bite and they were delicious! We felt like kids again enjoying some Lucky Charms.

I don’t know what the rest of the week holds in terms of cross training. I really have been taking it day by day and seeing how my leg responds.  If I have learned anything it is to take things slow and listen to my body. That is what I plan on doing!

What are your favorite “treats” to bake?

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