Yesterday’s Workout – Walking, Swimming, and Pool Running

Total Time Walking: 01:00:10

Total Time Swimming: 45:00

Total TIme Pool Running: 30:00

I am kind of proud of myself because I finally swam a mile in the pool! (I know, what else would I swim in it right!?)

I think this whole “Quit Talking and Just Do It” thing is really going to work for me. I’ve been telling myself for a week now that I am an awful swimmer and there is no way I could ever do 35 laps (1 mile) in the pool. In fact, due to this negative self talk up until now the most I have ever swam was 20 minutes, and it was pretty pitiful.

Today I said “I don’t care JUST DO IT” and I jumped in the pool and didn’t stop until the 35 laps were done.

I’m even happy to say that once I got going, I actually enjoyed it! It is shocking what you can enjoy if you just give yourself a chance!

After I finished the 35 laps I spent 30 minutes pool running. After the swimming, this felt relaxing and was a nice break.

IMG 2337

I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor today, I just used the my watch for time.

I’ve somehow misplaced my waterproof headphones, and they would have really come in handy today! Hopefully I find them soon because I know they will really help my pool workouts!


I decided to break up my workouts into two parts to make it easier.

IMG 2322

After a couple hours of work in the morning, I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 1 hour at a 6% incline.

IMG 2324

Never ever underestimate how good a walking workout can be! I was a sweaty mess when I finished.

IMG 2335

I know, I need to work on my picture taking skills. Seriously – can you tell it’s stressful in our house right now from the fact that i’m breaking out like crazy? This is as real as it gets folks.

The picture was supposed to depict just how sweaty I was. It never shows the reality!

I am going to try to continue breaking my workouts up because they help to break up my day, and allow my body to recover before moving onto the next thing.


I’m happy to say that today for the first time I felt a sense of hope.

Yes I’ve talked a lot on the blog about coming back a stronger runner, but today as I am officially over the halfway point I finally felt like this will actually happen. I don’t know when and I don’t know how long it will take – but I know that I will come back!

Right before I got injured I had just received a new pair of shoes in the mail. Up until today they have been sitting in the box that they came in.

IMG 2319

I even remember telling my husband there was no use in opening them because it’d be so long before I ran again.

Guess what I did today. I opened them.

IMG 2321

This may not seem like much, but this is a big step for me! I am finally getting out of my funk, getting over my self-pity, and realizing that running will happen again!

IMG 2320

These shoes most likely won’t come out of this box for a while, but when they do it is going to be glorious!

Do you ever swim? Have you ever tried?

What is your favorite exercise outside of running?

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