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Happy Halloween!

Thanks for all of your great suggestions for a Halloween tradition. After reading them all I am still trying to come up with something, but will for sure let you know! I have a feeling it is going to be simple and relaxing – we really need that right now.

This is the only picture I could find of Wes and I dressed up over the years. We were juniors in college I think.


I was a police officer and Wes was a ninja (he has an odd obsession with ninjas) 🙂

We haven’t been able to dress up much since then due to usually a marathon falling around that time, but it is fun to look back on.


First off, at the end of last month I was introduced to something called October Foodie Penpals from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.

I jumped at the opportunity, really before I thought about how busy I would be in Ocotber, however, I made sure to follow through.

You are matched with another blogger or blog reader and send each other delicious treats (homemade, store bought, local) whatever you decide to do.

I was matched with Lynn and was excited to give it a shot.

This is the package that was sent to me:

IMG 2338

The package included a:

-Fig Bar
-Trail Mix
-Bacon Mints
-Salmon Packet
-Salt & Pepper Peanuts
-Pumpkin Marshmallows (I swear she had no idea marshmallows are my favorite things in the world!)
-Chocolate candies

Everything I have tried has been DELICIOUS!

If you are interested in participating in this (you can be a blogger or blog reader) just go here to learn more and sign up.Thank you Lynn!


Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling like swimming and getting wet.  I wanted to do SOMETHING so I opted to take this pretty girl for a walk.

We always walk around my little “neighborhood” every morning and afternoon, but this time I decided to venture out a little ways.

Walk With Zoe

The total walk was around 45 minutes.  It was slow, leisurely, and exactly what we both needed.

IMG 2462

Afterwards I did some upper body and core work before calling it a day.

Did I mention it is starting to really drive me nuts not being able to lace up my shoes and run!? I think this traveling may be a blessing because I am really starting to go crazy!


Dinner last night was a throw together Barbecue Chicken Crock Pot Recipe.

IMG 2463

I also added in some carrots to get rid of them. I am slowly trying to go through all the food in our house.

I found these at the store the other day.

IMG 2467

They are my husband’s favorite cookie and they remind us so much of Christmas.

I made these for desert, but substituted half he butter for apple sauce to make them a BIT healthier.

IMG 2468

They still tasted delicious and we enjoyed them after dinner.


What are your plans for Halloween? 

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

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