Today’s Run – Easy Run

Total Mileage: 10.20 miles

Total Time: 1:32:58

Average Pace: 9:07 min/mile

For the first time in quite a while I woke up this morning not wanting to run. My calves were killing me and the motivation simply wasn’t there. 

I was blessed that today was an easy day, there was no way any type of real workout was going to happen.

The weather here called for rain all morning, which was fine because I wanted to put my run off a little while anyways. I kept waiting for the rain to come, but it didn’t.  

I waited around and put it off as long as I could but finally around 12:00 I got up off my butt and set out to run an easy 10 miles.

IMG 1846

I didn’t want to think so I did my “go to” 10 mile course that I have been doing a lot lately. It is starting to get old, but I knew exactly where to go so it allowed me to shut my mind off which I REALLY needed today.

My legs didn’t kick in until about 5 or 6 miles in and I can tell I have some major calf foam rolling to do this evening!

Overall once my legs got into it the run went well. I tried to focus really hard on going SLOW because I know my legs have a lot of recovering to do before a “longer” hard run on Saturday. I was a a little surprised that I averaged a 9:07 pace because I thought I was going much slower, but I’ll take it!

IMG 1847

I’m sorry this post is a little later than normal, the husband and I had quite a few errands to run this afternoon right after I finished running and just now got home and finished dinner. Busy but productive afternoon!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me post a picture of my favorite recovery concoction last night!

IMG 1839

Every day after my run I pour a small glass of Powerade Zero and add 1 teaspoon of Glutamine powder to it.

IMG 1841

I really attribute this drink to helping my legs recover from one day to the other.

IMG 1842

I typically take this right after my run, but if I forget I also like to drink a glass of it about 30 minutes before I go to bed at night.  

If you don’t know much about Glutamine is an amino acid that aids in recovery and digestion.  I have started taking this regularly in the last month and have really noticed a big difference in my recovery.

You can find glutamine in either a powder or pill form.  I prefer the powder form because I can get more in at one time.  To get the full effects of glutamine you should be taking at least 2.5 grams or more at a time.  It is just easier for me to get the amount I need in using the powder, but pill form works just as well!

Finally, my husband officially wins the husband of the year award.

He surprised me by ordering me two pairs of new shoes of Running Wearhouse that were on clearance!

1. Mizuno Ronin

IMG 1837

I love the classic look of these shoes.  After I posted it on Instagram, I even convinced this awesome girl to buy them as well. Who doesn’t love a good pair of white running shoes!?

2. Nike Lunaracer

IMG 1838

Aren’t they beautiful!?

Both of these shoes are light weight so I will use them mostly for speed work or quicker runs. I wanted so badly to try one of them out today, but since it was an easy day I am making myself hold out until Saturday!

What do you do each day to help your body recover?

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