Happy Monday!

Is it happy? Well I am going to try my hardest to make it happy!

I am still on a running hiatus, and probably by Wednesday I will have some more answers.  Until then I am choosing to use extreme caution and do things the best I can.

I decided to set myself some simple goals for the week so that I can make sure I am furthering myself each day:

This is my attempt at “I am going to put on my happy face even though I don’t want to.”

1. One Arm Workout Each Day

This morning I completed and 8 minute Arms.

The videos are crazy outdated but they are free and offer a nice full arms and abs workout.

IMG 1980

I am going to try to switch it up daily to keep me from getting crazy bored.

2. One Ab Workout Each Day

This morning I continued on the outdated videos and completed 8 minutes Abs

Note to self: You have no ab strength and that is a big no-no in distance running.  

IMG 1982

3. Try 2-3 New Recipes During the Week

One of the easiest ways to pass time and put myself to use is to try out new recipes. 

They don’t’ have to be anything crazy, they can be simple, but learning new and health recipes really helps me eat well and stay busy! Double bonus!

4. Limit Real Treats to 1x Per Week

If you haven’t been reading long, there are two weakness I have when it comes to food:

Frozen Yogurt

IMG 1153


My goal is to limit my treat day to Saturday. If I can eat clean throughout the rest of the days, I should be able to not only avoid any crazy weight gain but also be fueling my body with what it needs to be healthy.

I started this morning off well with some Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and frozen fruit on top.

IMG 1978

5. Get Out of the House 2-3 hours per Day. Focus on Productivity.

Being unemployed and temporally not running has made sitting around the house even more difficult.

My goal is to spend 2-3 hours per day at a local coffee shop, Starbucks, or other restaurant with free-wifi to get some work done.  I normally try to do this while the hubby is running to make it a little less painful.

Setting goals for myself will help me have a focus throughout the week besides applying for jobs. It will allow me to feel accomplished and help me keep my body healthy.  

I was hesitant going into this week, and I honestly am still not sure what is in store for me. I do know that I am going to work as hard as I can to focus on keeping my body healthy and strong and as soon as I have some answers I will let you all know what is going on as well!

What are your goals for this new week? 

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