It has been way too long since I have brought you all a product review so I decided it was time to change that today.

You may have seen me post this product on my blog a couple of times because I use it before almost every single run I go on.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews are my favorite energy chew to date. That is saying a lot!

I typically take them before every run but vary the amount I take depending on how hard or how long the run will be.

I have tried Honey Stinger Power Gels in the past and loved it, and then when they sent me their chews I knew right away before even trying it that they had to be good!

Company Background

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“Honey Stinger’s energy and protein bars, waffles, gels, and chews are all-natural foods designed for athletes and great for anyone looking for a healthy snack.  Honey Stinger is pure natural energy.”

Honey Stinger prides themselves on the fact that their products contain 95% organic ingredients.  They use natural sources of caffeine and aim to provide natural healthy ingredients to allow your body to perform at its best.


Score: 5 out 5

I have only tried one flavor of the Energy Chews, so I can’t speak for them all but the Cherry Cola flavor is pretty amazing. It tastes exactly like Cherry Cola and has no bad after taste like some chews can have.  I honestly want to eat these even when I am just sitting around the house during the afternoon.

IMG 1937

The chews themselves are small and would be very easy to carry along on a longer run in your pocket.

There is absolutely nothing I can complain about when it comes to the flavor, I look forward to eating these!

They also come in:
1. Pink Lemonade
2. Lime-Ade
3. Fruit Smoothie
4. Cherry Blossom
5. Pomegranate Passion Fruit
6. Orange Blossom

Effects: 5 out of 5

As I mentioned earlier I usually take these before most every run, except for my recovery runs on Friday.

I usually will take 1 chew if it is going to be a longer slow easy run and then 2 chews if I am doing my long run on Saturdays or a faster speed or tempo workout.  I could easily take more than that, but this seems to be what works for me.

IMG 1934

The chews contain no fat and 160 calories if you eat the entire packet.  One packet will usually last me about 5 or 6 runs.

I really can tell a difference when I take these and when I don’t.  I usually will take them 15 minutes before my workout that way about 20 minutes in or so I start to feel the effects.  They help you sustain your energy during your run and give you that kick when you need it.

Texture: 5 out 5

I am a weird person when it comes to the texture of foods, or really anything I eat.  When it comes to power gels and chews I am just the same. I want something that is quick and easy to eat, doesn’t leave a weird after taste, and doesn’t have an odd texture to it.

Honey Stinger Power Chews did just that. They are absolutely delicious and are easy and quick to eat.  This doesn’t matter quite as much before the run, but if I eventually used this during a marathon it would make it easy to eat quick about 10-11 miles in when I attempt to get another boost of energy.

Overall Reaction

If you are one who takes gel’s and chews (I know there are some out there that don’t) this is for you! It tastes delicious, provide lasting energy, and really helps you to power through your workouts! I would highly recommend it.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Honey Stinger Power Chews or any other of their products, you can visit their website here.

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