I have an awesome product to share with you all today! Before I get started, tomorrow will mark 1 week of no running and I am hoping and praying that I will get some answers and can share them with you tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed!

FlipBelt recently sent me one of their belts to try out.  One of the problems I have always struggled with when it comes to running is how to take the things I need with me.

IMG 2030

I usually want to take:
-Keys (especially if I drive somewhere to run)
-Gels/Power Chews
-Anti-Chafing ointment (just being honest!)

There are a lot of things I WANT to bring with me, but usually can’t because it’s impossible to carry it all.

IMG 2024

FlipBelt solves all those problems and is also so easy to run with! (I tested this product out prior to my running hiatus).

Company Background

“FlipBelt is a company based in beautiful Colorado.  We are focused on making the fitness apparel and accessories market more functional and sleek.  Our concept was built on our personal experience of being unable to find exactly what we needed when working out.  There were no items that met our needs and looked and felt great.  We decided that this was a market that was lacking in fitness apparel and we set out to fill that market. The FlipBelt is the first item our company offered that defines what we want the company to be.  Function that does not sacrifice style or comfort.”

FlipBelt meets a need of so many runners, hikers, gym goers, bikers, and even just those who enjoy traveling.  It is stylish, comfortable, and meets so many needs!  This company set out to make something that at the time no one else offered, and they did an amazing job! I am considering even taking this with me when I my husband runs his marathons in October, because as a spectator there are so many things you need to carry with you!


Score: 5 out of 5

IMG 2028

I was a little worried when I first got the FlipBelt because I thought that with my phone, keys, and other items I wanted to carry that it would be make it bulky and hard to run in.

The belt fits right over the waste band of your shorts or pants (or above if you prefer it that way) and doesn’t slip or ride down during your workout.  I could notice that it was there for the first couple minutes, but honestly once you get into the run or workout you even forget you are wearing it! I carried my phone, keys, and some energy chews when I tried it out and it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything!

There are two small pockets in the front and two pockets in the back that you can insert your items into.

IMG 2032

This fit was amazing and it did not slide, move, or cause chaffing while I was running.  It is a perfect way to be able to run and still feel safe by having your phone and other necessities with you.

Color and Feel

Score: 5 out of 5

The fabric that the FlipBelt is made out if is so soft.  There isn’t anywhere on the band that causes any irritation and I even had mine on top of one my favorite spandex type shorts and it never slipped.

IMG 2026

The fabric is machine washable, 92% Polyester, and 8% Spandex.  It is easy to use and easy to take care of!

It is offered in many colors. I chose the Violet, because we all know purple is my favorite color.

There are bright colors and also the normal blue, black, and white if that is more your style! There really is a color for everyone.


Score: 5 out of 5

One of the questions I always ask myself when trying out a new product is: “how often would I actually use this?”

The FlipBelt is honestly a product I could see myself using on every outdoor run.

IMG 2033

It offers a great and easy solution for how I can carry my phone with me. For you runners out there who use your phone as your music you can easily attach your headphones to it and avoid having to wear a pesky arm band.

IMG 2034

I know it may be hard to believe, but even with my phone and keys in my FlipBelt it did not feel heavy or like it was weighing me down in any way.  Trust me, I would not wear anything that added weight to me because with running it just makes it harder.

The FlipBelt is a product that you really should try! You can visit their website here to purchase your own.  Even better you can use the coupon code LOTR and receive 10% off your order!

FlipBelt Giveaway!

FlipBelt has been gracious enough to provide a FlipBelt (color of your choice) to one of my readers! Just enter the giveaway below. You have several chances to enter! The giveaway will end on Wednesday, October 2nd at 12:00 AM EST.

Good luck!! You will love this product!

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