This morning when I woke up my legs were tired. Not just kind of tired REALLY REALLY tired. They didn’t want to move at all let alone run 11 miles.

IMG 1717

I had a tempo workout on the books today so at least I had a plan.

6 Mile Tempo

I started the 0.5 mile warm up VERY slow at a 10:30 pace.  I just wanted to make sure my legs would get into it.

I then did the 2 miles easy but progressively got faster throughout so that my legs would get used to going quicker. When I reached the 2.5 miles where I would start the tempo I was just a few minutes off of marathon pace.

This is a great workout and really helps to challenge you.

IMG 1720

The workout was a total of 11.25 miles, but you could edit it to make it whatever mileage you have planned by shortening either the easy miles in the beginning of the cool down at the end.

IMG 1723

I’m not really sure this shows it accurately, but this workout will make you crazy sweaty!

I seceretly enjoy sweating like a crazy person though, it makes me feel like I am really putting in the effort!

I spent the rest of the day walking around the outlet mall with my family and relaxing. I saw my brother and sister-in-law off and it was sad to see them go.  I see them maybe twice a year, but hopefully we will be seeing them in about a month at the Marine Corps Marathon.

What was your labor day workout?

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