Today’s Workout – Long Run

Total Miles: 16.02 miles

Total Time: 2:12:50 (15 miles) + Cool down 10:00 (1 mile)

Average Pace: 8:50 min/mile


Back to reality I guess.  My parents left early this morning so I am trying to get things back to normal. I can tell you when my mom comes to town she leaves and my house is the cleanest it has EVER been! (Aren’t mom’s great!?)

We went to bed a little early last night because I knew I had a tough workout in store today.

I decided it is time to work a bit harder on my long runs, so I bit the bullet and opted to spend another couple hours on the treadmill this morning.

I started my morning with Honey Stinger chews. (These are AMAZING by the way!)

IMG 1764

I took two of the about 15 minutes before I started my workout.

IMG 1765

My workout consisted of the following:

Long Run Treadmill Workout

The goal of this workout was to progressively make it harder and to build my strength.

I did a mile warm up, 5 miles around a 9:05, 5 miles at a 8:49, then 2 miles ranging from 8:30-8:13, and then the final 2 miles at goal marathon pace (8:00 for me). I finished with a 1 mile VERY slow cool down.

I was surprised to find out that my body handled this workout out pretty well. It was tough and I had to mentally focus on staying relaxed. Once again after an hour passed it seemed to go by much more quickly.

If you want to do this workout yourself, adjust your paces accordingly.  The key is to gradually work yourself up to goal marathon pace and then end the last couple miles at marathon pace.  This allows you to have to work at keeping that pace on tired legs.

IMG 1768

These were my final stats for the run. The first 15 (the actual workout) were completed in 2:12:50 and then a 10:00 min cool down.

IMG 1769

This is pretty accurate to how I felt once it was over. I was tired but pretty darn proud.

IMG 1771

Eventually once I cooled down I finally was able to muster up a smile! (I don’t know why this is so blurry.)

I am looking forward to spending the evening with my husband. Even though I love having family in town I am ready for things to calm back down and get back to normal. I think there is some delicious food and college football in our future tonight! 🙂

Do you watch college football? What team do you pull for? We are North Carolina State WOLFPACK fans!! ACC!!

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