Today’s Workout – Long Run

Total Miles: 16.10 miles

Total Time: 2:28:08

Average Pace: Long Run (9:08 min/mile), Cool Down (10:03 min/mile)

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I opted to be inside today for my long run.  My husband is in the process of passing a kidney stone and wanted to make sure he wasn’t out in the middle of no where in case his pain set on. The real bad pain hit him last night while I was at the grocery store. I felt so bad for him and we weren’t sure if it was going to come back or not.

I had been mentally preparing myself to run on a treadmill for my long run since last night so I was ready to go when the time came.

We cooked our normal Friday night pasta last night. It was delicious. I added glutamine to the pasta sauce this time in hopes that it would help with recovery.

IMG 1581

I started this morning off by trying to take half a Vanilla Orange GU but for some reason I just could not get it down. My stomach was just not having it.

IMG 1595

The run went pretty good overall. My hip acted up today, so I was a little bit more cautious. I finished the first 15 at a 9:08 average pace.

IMG 1597

I knew Wes had a few extra miles to do after I had finished, so I did a slow 1 mile cool down and some stretching afterwards.

IMG 1598

I can tell you that 16 miles on a treadmill will make you a crazy sweaty mess.

IMG 1599

I started to panic a little bit during the first hour because my body wasn’t getting into the run. After the first hour passed my body finally got into a rhythm and besides some on and off hip pain it ended better than it started.

IMG 1601

Now it is time to announce the CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Mix Giveaway. The winner is……….

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Whitney Fahlman!!!!

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Congrats Whitney! I will be emailing you shortly!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday! Oh yes….and here is a hint about the next giveaway coming up early next week.

IMG 1582

What are you Saturday plans??

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