Today’s Workout – Tempo Workout

Total Mileage: 11.05 miles

Total Time: Workout (1:28:56), Warm Up and Cool Down (Appox. 9:50)

Average Pace: 8:54 min/mile

Happy Monday! There is such a thing right?

Wes headed back to another month of medical school rotations this morning so it was a bit quieter around the house.  I have to say the past month I have really enjoyed having him home with me.

Even though I don’t get up to go to a job in the morning anymore, I still try to make sure I am around 8:00 am to get my day started. 

I woke up and immediately started icing my hip.

IMG 1632

Everyone ices with broccoli right!? 🙂

I don’t know how much good icing actually does for my hip, but it has seemed to help some so I am going with it for now.

Marathon Treadmill Tempo

This is the workout I did this afternoon once Wes got home from rotation and we made it to the gym.

I ended up modifying it once I got to the gym because I got started so late my energy level and legs were just not where I needed them to be. 

Instead of running the 5 miles at 15k pace (7:37 pace), I completed it as a progression:

Mile 4 – 8:27 min/mile
Mile 5 – 8:14 min/mile
Mile 6 – 8:00 min/mile
Mile 7 – 7:47 min/mile
Mile 8 – 7:35 min/mile 

The workout went well overall once my legs woke up. My body had a tough time getting warmed up at first but after a mile or two it kicked in. Mile 8 was definitely the most difficult, but I am proud I got through it.

IMG 1635

I did remember a valuable lesson I had forgotten until today – don’t wear a cotton shirt to run.

IMG 1636

Just to make sure you have the full sweaty effect – here is a back view as well.

IMG 1637

Awesome looking right!? 

I’m off to get some stuff done around the house – my family is coming up to visit for the weekend and I need to get some cleaning done.

Check back tomorrow for a new giveaway! It’s a GREAT one!!

What are some of your favorite workout clothes?

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