I have a super awesome product review for you today. I am so excited about this product I can’t even begin to express. Even better I have another giveaway for you at the end of the post – so keep reading!!

As I mentioned in my last review I am trying to do a better job at taking protein.  I truly believe it really aids in helping your body to recovery properly.

CLICK sent me a sample of their Vanilla Latte protein powder to try and I was blown away.  The coolest thing about this product is that in 1 serving it not only has 15 grams of protein but it also has 2 shots of ESPRESSO! I immediately knew I had found my answer to what protein I needed to start taking in the morning!

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Company Background

“With 25 years of industry experience in health and wellness, we launched a small chain of women’s fitness center in California winning many excellence awards.  Many of our members, who wanted to lose weight, did so by skipping breakfast, reducing calories, or making poor nutritional choices leaving them frustrated by their lack of success…To support our members, we needed a better alternative to the growing use of sugar based energy and coffee-house drinks.  Our simple solution – a delicious, all-in-one, espresso coffee and protein drink – that gives you the confidence you are doing something good for yourself one CLICK at a time.”

The company was founded by Greg and Beth Smith after seeing the need of many of their clients of an alternative and healthy breakfast.  To me the idea is absolutely genius and I think it is a perfect solution for many of us early morning gym goers or runners who need something quick before they head into work.  It provides the protein  the AND caffeine you need and helps you avoid your daily Starbucks run.

What makes CLICK different?

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“The idea behind CLICK Espresso Protein Drink was to create a protein drink with the decadent coffee house taste and energy consumers crave along with the nutritional support they need that can be easily mixed with water, milk, or their favorite beverage, all in a single 12-14 oz serving.”

Another great thing about CICK is that it is Gluten Free and has no artificial colors or flavors.  I really have not see any other product like this out on the market!


Score: 5 out of 5

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I have tried two different flavors of the CLICK protein espresso drink mix.  In total it comes in 3 flavors:

1. Mocha
2. Vanilla Latte
3. Decaf

I have tried the Mocha and Vanilla latte and there is not one single negative thing I can say! They taste absolutely delicious and you almost forget you are even drinking a protein shake!  You can smell the deliciousness as soon as you open up the container. The only reason I have not tried the Decaf is because I have been taking these in the mornings after my workouts and I really need the extra caffeine.  The decaf would come in handy if I wanted the coffee flavor without all the caffeine late at night.


Score: 5 out of 5

Unlike the last protein I reviewed, I take CLICK powder in the mornings after my workouts.  I typically will workout and then try to get the protein in within 30 minutes.  I only take 1 scoop (even though the serving size is 2).  I notice a big difference in my recovery when I do this then on the days when I skip the protein post workout.

I cut out coffee a few months ago and have been using caffeine pills because I would get withdrawal headaches.  This helps me to get the caffeine I need, still have that coffee taste that I love, and avoids the headaches. It’s a win all the way around!

The nutritional break down for 1 serving of CLICK is:

Vanilla Latte 15 31 oz Canister   CLICK Espresso Protein Drink

Mixing Ability

Score: 5 out of 5

IMG 1443

It states right on the package exactly how to mix. They even sent me an awesome shaker along with it to mix the CLICK on. You simply add 2 scoops (if you are doing one serving) of the CLICK drink mix, 12-16 ounces of water and shake for 20-30 seconds.  I noticed that everything was mixed up and ready to drink within 10-15 seconds.  It mixes very well and tastes delicious.

You can also enjoy CLICK hot or cold.  I have not tried it hot yet, but when I read that it got me excited.  I think the next time I use this I will put in the microwave for a little bit to see what it would taste like hot as well.

IMG 1444

Overall Reaction:

You HAVE to try this product! This is the first product I could not find one negative with. It has great nutritional value, great protein, delicious taste, and helps you wake up.  There aren’t many products out there that can give you all that in one!

If you are interested in purchasing CLICK, you can visit their website to learn more.  You can purchase individual packets of CLICK if you are looking to try it out first or the 15 oz. canister.

They also have a starter kit you can try and an entire page of their favorite CLICK recipes on their website.


CLICK has been gracious enough to offer one of my readers a CLICK canister (flavor of your choice) and a shaker for free!

To enter the giveaway you can do any of the following: (total of 4 entries allowed per person)

1. Leave a comment on CLICK’s Facebook page (mentioning both CLICK and LovingOnTheRun).

2. Retweet about the giveaway on Twitter (mentioning both CLICK and LovingOnTheRun).

3. Follow CLICK and LovingOnTheRun on Twitter

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Please leave a comment letting me know when you have done any of the above.

Good luck!! I promise you will love this product! The giveaway will end on Saturday, August 24th at 12:00 pm. 

Note: CLICK sent me the product to try for free, but all opinions are mine and mine alone.  

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