Today’s Workout – Long Run

Total Mileage: 14.05 miles

Total Time: 2:06:05

Average Pace: 8:59 min/pace

First off, look at that average pace! That is the quickest long run average I have had to date and that makes me super happy.

The husband and I went over to a friend’s house last night and I partook in a little too much food and cocktails so I wasn’t feeling my best this morning when I got up. We waited a couple hours before heading out the door to get in the long runs. We ended up leaving a little before 11:00 am.

IMG 1344

I started slow but was surprised how quickly my legs got into it.  I wore my PRO Compression socks again (don’t worry I washed them last night).

IMG 1342

I am still amazed at how awesome they make my legs feel.

The first 8-9 miles were relatively easy.  I could tell I didn’t hydrate properly, but besides that I felt good and I cruising along.  I didn’t have my Gramin face on so I didn’t keep track of my pace just tried to pick it up if my legs felt good.

Around mile 9 I couldn’t find the road I was supposed to turn on, evidently it didn’t exist so I had to think quickly and come up with an alternate course.  I don’t know why but when something like that happens to me on my runs it throws my mind off. I have to really focus to relax again.   I stopped for a few minutes to come up with a new course route and regroup.

The last 4 miles I picked up the pace. Here is the breakdown of the total run:

Mile 1 – 9:36
Mile 2 – 9:02
Mile 3 – 8:54
Mile 4 – 9:13
Mile 5 – 9:14
Mile 6 – 9:01
Mile 7 – 8:58
Mile 8 – 8:59
Mile 9 – 9:04
Mile 10 – 9:06
Mile 11 – 8:47
Mile 12 – 8:50
Mile 13 – 8:39
Mile 14 – 8:07

I am pretty happy with the overall paces of the run since I wasn’t tracking them throughout the run.

IMG 1347

I know I have quite a ways to go in my training but I am seeing improvements and that gives me so much motivation to keep up the work and get to where I want to be.  Boston Marathon I am coming for you!

IMG 1346

I think my face is an accurate description of how I felt once this run was over. I was tired, exhausted, and there many have been some dry heaving involved as well.

Off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday!

What was your Saturday workout?

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