Today’s Workout – Rest Day

I just realized when I was typing up this post that I haven’t taken a rest day in almost 2 weeks.  I thought about getting up this morning and running, but I decided my legs needed a day of complete rest.

Work has been out of control stressful these past couple days, and my husband was nice enough to make me dinner by the time I got home.

He made some yummy pasta. I ate some but didn’t go crazy because I will only be doing a short workout in the morning since I have to work most of the day.

IMG 1097

Typically we go out to eat most nights on the weekends, but we are trying to save a little bit more money and eat things that will really help to FUEL our runs.  We are saving our night out for tomorrow.

The plan is to take it easy tonight, watch a movie, and relax. Even though my workout for the AM is pretty short it is going to be FAST and at 5:45 in the AM.  

IMG 1081

This is a picture I sent Wes the other morning after he went to take a test of me snuggling with the kitty, but this pretty much sums up my evening.

Sorry for the quick, random post but time to go relax. 

How often do you eat out on the weekends?

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