Today’s Workout – Rest Day 


Today is a much needed rest day.  I am trying to get my legs recovered for a “long” run and an easy longer run over the next two days.   


I thought I would share with you today some of my nutritional supplements I take on a daily basis. 


I have not always been good at making sure to take my vitamins each day, but recently I have really tried to make it a focus in my daily routine. 


1. Multi-Vitamin 


IMG 0992


We order most of our vitamins through Puritan’s Pride or other on-line companies.  We tend to go through vitamins very quickly so since they usually have a buy one get one deal going on, it seems to be the best use of our money. 


2. Iron 


IMG 0993


Iron is very important for everyone, but especially for women.  I usually know exactly when my iron levels are low because I lose energy very quickly.  Even the slightest bit of anemia can cause a decrease in athletic performance. I always make sure to take a supplement at night time.  It is important to get iron from food sources, but when you can’t a supplement is great for you as well.   


3. Magnesium 


IMG 0991


Magnesium is an essential mineral for energy metabolism and used by just about every cell within the body. Magnesium is also found to help reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and helps to delay the onset of fatigue while performing strenuous exercise.  It is not produced in the body so needs to be ingested daily through food or supplementation. 


4. Potassium 


IMG 0994


Potassium helps with recovery and delayed muscle soreness.  I typically will take this before bed to help my body recover throughout the night.  Potassium is most commonly known to be found in bananas.  


5. Fish Oil 


IMG 0995


Fish Oil is also supposed to help with recovery. I especially took it when I used to do more weight training, but have kept up taking it.  I do notice a difference in my recovery when I make an effort to take the fish oil.   


There are many other vitamins and minerals out there that can be beneficial for you, but these are just some of the ones I make sure to take every day.   


What are some vitamins or minerals you take on a regular basis?

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