Guess who is back!? I hope you enjoyed my review of Carrie’s Slim, Strong, and Sexy Plan. If you haven’t already go check out all she has to offer!

I had a wonderful vacation. I did originally plan on doing a little bit more blogging, but since it has been a very long time since I had been able to spend time with my family I decided to take a little hiatus.   

I am having a hard time getting back into work mode, but I know I need some stability and regularity back in my life after a week and a half of running everywhere! 

I will be back soon with a full recap of my vacation, but let’s just say it was full of sun, sand, and family.

IMG 0921

Until then here is a recap of my workouts while I was on vacation. 

Tuesday, June 25th 
Total Distance: 7.05 miles 
Total Time: 1:05:25 
Average Pace: 9:17 min/mile 

Wednesday, June 26th 
Total Distance: 8.43 miles
Total Time: 1:19:32
Average Pace: 9:26 min/mile

Thursday, June 27th 
Total Distance: 7.42 miles
Total Time: 1:10:00
Average Pace: 9:26 min/mile 

I ran this on a treadmill and to make sure I didn’t die from boredom I ran 5 minutes at 10:00 min pace and then 5 minutes at a 8:00 min pace.  I sped it up a little bit at the end, but only had just over an hour since I was at the gym with my mother-in-law and she needed to be at work. 

Friday, June 28th 
Total Distance: 6.55 miles
Total Time: 1:00:05
Average Pace: 9:09 min/mile 

Another treadmill run.  I went to a local gym at the beach with my parents and they said they would be there an hour. I ran a progression run starting at a 10:00 min pace and increasing one notch every 5 minutes.  I ended the run at a 7:47 pace and covered a total of 6.55 miles. 

Saturday, June 29th 
Off – rehearsal dinner day.  I had a lot of prepping to do to help out my parents. 

Sunday, June 30th 
Off – wedding day 

Monday, July 1st 
Total Distance: 4.5 miles 
Total Time: 00:45:00 
Average Pace: 10:00 min/mile 

This was a “wedding recovery” run and I knew I needed to get something in and not make it 3 days in a row off.  I ran easy, slow, and outdoors. 

IMG 0931
Tuesday, July 2nd 
Total Distance: 6.61 miles 
Total Time: 1:00:29 
Average Pace: 9:09 min/mile 

IMG 0920
I did the exact same progression run on the gym treadmill as I did on the 28th, except I sped it up a LITTLE bit more at the end. 

IMG 0932
Wednesday, July 3rd 
Total Distance: 6.10 miles
Total Time: 00:56:28
Average Pace: 9:15 min/mile 

Easy run outside before we packed up to leave. There is SO much humidity down there, but I got to enjoy some beautiful scenery! 

IMG 0930
Thursday, July 4th 
Total Distance: 6.30 miles 
Total Time: 1:02:00 
Average Pace: 9:40 min/mile 

I broke this up a bit. I was a bit bummed about having to come home and was going to sulk and not do anything. I finally got out of bed and ran 1.8 miles to the local track to meet the husband who was doing some speed work.  I completed about 2.5 miles around the track (throwing in a few quick 400’s) and then ran 2 mile cool down back to his parents house. 

You can see and track all of my workouts on my workout log page

I was very proud of myself for keeping up with workouts.  Out of 10 days I was able to run or exercise 8 of them. That’s pretty good for vacation right!? It just goes to show there is ALWAYS time, you just have to make it!

Total Distance Ran on Vacation: 53.01 miles 
Total Time Running on Vacation: 7 hours 30 minutes (approximately) 

Now to figure out what my next fitness goal is……..

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