Today was a crazy day. I had to leave 45 minutes early to get to work when it normally only takes me 10 minutes. Luckily at this point I have learned that even though people here are around snow all the time, doesn’t mean that they know how to drive in it. I thankfully allotted enough time to get to work this morning and I made it safely!

Work was pretty uneventful, all in all it was pretty slow so I didn’t get a whole lot done. To tell you the truth the first day back after a long weekend was pretty rough and I was really not feeling having to be there this morning. Oh well! I just keep telling myself I need to be thankful for having a job.

Chicken Salad

This would be my lunch – salad with grilled chicken and salsa. Nothing crazy.  I am trying to do a better job at bringing more filling lunches with me to work because after a few hours I am starving again and that really doesn’t help me avoid eating all the craptastic snacks that are always looming around.

I tried to talk myself out of it several times, but I finally made it to the gym. The weather was getting bad when I left so I was a little worried about the road conditions, but I realized if I got in there and got to business it would only take me around an hour or so.

I started the workout off with a 20 minute progression run at a 1% incline:
1-5 minutes – 6.0
5-10 minutes – 6.2
10-15 minutes – 6.4
15-17 minutes – 6.6
17-19 minutes – 6.8
19-20 minutes – 7.5

Nothing special about this run except it warmed my legs up and did leave me pretty sweaty at the end.

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but the program I am going to be following for getting into weight lifting is Jamie Eason’s LiveFit. I realized while I am still learning all of this I need something to follow so I started this today.  Her phase 1 day 1 started with chest and triceps. I was still very sore from yesterday’s workout so I decided to do legs and calves today (day 3) and then go back to day 1 tomorrow. I will normally stick to this as it shows, but since I started after a day of lifting already I mixed it up a bit this week.

This is how today’s workout went:

Workout 1.22.13

As you can tell towards the middle of the sets my legs started to get tired.  I was pretty proud of myself weight wise for not really having done much of any weight lifting in quite a while.

Just as I had predicted I got in, did my workout, and was out of there in just a little over an hour. It worked out nicely and it only took me about 30 minutes to get home tonight. Keep your fingers crossed we don’t get hit too hard with more snow tonight!

I had a pretty simple dinner of a ham sandwich and a pickle and then made some delicious gingerbread cookies.


Ok the truth is these have been in the refrigerator since before Christmas and I just now got around to making them. On top of that I burned the first batch of them. I mean really how do you burn slice and bake cookies?! Leave it to me…..

Have a wonderful night!


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