Can anyone else believe we are officially less than a week away from Christmas? Thank goodness I used some of my time this weekend to finally buying all our gifts!

I don’t know what got me so behind this year, but I’m so happy that all I have to do now is get everything wrapped. It will all be worth it to be home and with family for Christmas. There is just nothing to beat that.


My first week wrapped up with my running coach, and I have to say I absolutely love it. There was no guessing, I knew exactly what I needed to do each day from the run all the way down to the strength work. There I just another level of accountability when you know you have someone to report to.

Here is a look at my training log this week:



Total: 6 miles

I started the week off nice and easy. My legs felt surprisingly good after Saturday’s long run/workout. It’s really amazing what running on unpaved ground for the majority of your run will do for you.

Running Coach2

There wasn’t anything too special about this run, but I was just happy to feel the best I’ve felt in a while on an early Monday morning.



Total: 7 miles

Tuesday started with a different run than I have done in a while.

Scheduled run: 5 miles easy, 2 miles moderate

Actual run: 5 miles (9:40, 9:24, 9:15, 9:05, 8:50), 2 miles (7:58, 7:56)

Running Coach1

I don’t think my legs actually woke up until the last 2 miles. The first 3-4 miles as you can tell were a bit of a struggle. I had finished it off with the prescribed strength work for the day.



Total: 9 miles

Scheduled run: Warm up (with strides and short tempo), 3 miles (7:35-7:40 pace), 3 minute jog, 2 miles (7:30-7:35 pace), 2 minute jog, 1 mile (sub 7:30 pace), and cool down.

Actual run: Warm up, 3 miles (7:30, 7:30, 7:34), 3 minute jog, 2 miles (7:30, 7:34), 2 minute jog, 1 mile (7:14), and cool down.

This was my “big” workout for the week and going into this I was a bit nervous. Not because I thought I couldn’t hit the paces but because I was just putting unnecessary pressure on myself. Overall, the workout actually went really well.

Training Log3

I finished it off by doing some strength work after work because I ran out of time in the morning.



Total: 5 miles

It was pouring rain when I woke up on Sunday, so instead of getting wet I opted to run my 5 easy miles on the treadmill.

I started the treadmill at a 9:22 pace and worked it down to around an 8:30. I didn’t care how slow I went I just wanted my rather sore legs to recover properly.

Training Log2

It wasn’t the easiest run, but I enjoyed just mentally getting to check out during the run.




I was really happy that my coach believed in keeping my Friday rest day. My body really responds well to it typically, and he was all for continuing the pattern.

I did do some light stretching and foam rolling to keep my muscles loosened up.



Total: 14 miles

Scheduled workout: 14 miles (8 minutes easy, 1 minute on – starting at tempo pace and progressively working down)

Actual workout: 12 miles (8 minutes easy around 8:41 pace, 1 minute on (7:40-6:53) – break – 2 miles outside (8 minutes around 9:15 pace x 1 minute (7:40-6:40)

This workout did not go as planned. The morning started off with 15-20 mph winds so we opted for the treadmill. I felt great going into it, but things quickly changed around mile 9. I started having stomach “issues” around mile 9 and had to stop for about 5-6 minutes. I got started again and then around mile 12 I started to feel sick and proceeded to vomit. Yeah, not good.

I took a break until Wes was done with his workout. I was beginning to feel better so I told Wes to meet me 2 miles from the gym and I run there to met him. I finished off the last 2 miles much slower for the easy segments but felt better on the intervals.

Training Log1

Overall, I got in the 14 miles but it wasn’t quite as fluid as I wanted it to be. We can’t win them all right?

I finished the workout off with the strength session in my schedule and called it a day. I was pretty much worthless for the rest of the day.



Total: 5 miles

The goal is an easy and relaxing 5 miles to end the week.


My first week totaled 46 miles. I know without a doubt that if I was on my own I would have pushed for more miles this week but I’m thankful for my running coach who keeps me on track especially leading up to the start of Boston training in January.


How did your running go this week?

How many miles do you typically average each week?

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