Pregnancy #2: Weeks 14-18

When I was pregnant with Easton I was really great about recapping each week of my pregnancy, but now here I am and trying to do my first recap of weeks 14 thru 18! Ha!

Either way I wanted to share with you all a little bit about the several weeks of my pregnancy.

Pregnancy #2 Week 15

Weeks 14-18

Symptoms: This pregnancy has been so different. The first trimester I was nauseous most days off and on, but that’s changed a bit in the second trimester. It’s not hit or miss every couple days or so. It also comes on really strong when I try to cook any kind of meat.

Aside from nausea I’m also just really tired. I feel good in the mornings so I try to get as much done then as possible so that I have somewhat of a productive day and I can promise you if I don’t run in the morning there is no way I will run.

Food aversions: At first nothing really bothered me, but now in the past 3-4 weeks I cannot stand the smell of meat cooking. Each night when I’m cooking dinner I feel awful and its really gotten worse in the second trimester which is a bit strange. We usually also steam vegetables for just about every night at dinner and that also makes me incredibly nauseous.

Food cravings: I call this baby my carb and sugar baby. Those are the only things that really sound good to me most days. If I could eat nothing but carbs for the rest of this pregnancy I think it would be PERFECT!

Sleep: It’s hit or miss. Some nights I sleep straight through and other nights I am up 5-6 times. I just kind of go with the flow and pray the nights I sleep well are the ones when I wake up early in the morning before Easton wakes up.

Weight gained: I’m really all over the place so far this pregnancy but I’d say I’m up about 2-3 lbs (maybe more because I haven’t been weighed in almost 4 weeks) at this point.

Looking forward to: We should be finding out the gender later in December! I really have no feeling either way so we will see if I’m meant to be a boy Mom or if we will be adding a little girl to the mix!


Running in Weeks 14-18

Week 14: 40.6

Week 15: 43.75

Week 16: 44.62

Week 17: 22.3

Week 18: 43.6


Running this pregnancy has also been a different experience. I have more confidence going into this pregnancy when it comes to running, but I also haven’t felt as great as I did the first time around. I’ve been again trying to maintain a base for as long as I can, but some weeks have been tough.

Pregnancy #2 Stroller Running

Weeks 14-16 were pretty typical. I felt great some days and not-so-great the other days. There hasn’t really been any in between. I was still super happy to be able to maintain 40-45 miles per week as I only hit that one time during my last pregnancy.

Week 17 things got a little tough. I felt okay Monday-Wednesday but when Thursday came around I felt so exhausted, dizzy, run down, and just plain tired. I got to the gym that morning with the plan to run outside but instead I just walked about 2 miles on the trail and called it a day. After that we left for my husband to run the Kiawah Island Marathon and between traveling, race day, and hurrying to get back home before a big snow storm hit I ended up taking 4 days off from running.

Week 18 has started to feel a little better but not great. The treadmill has started making me super dizzy but it’s hard because we’ve had so much snow it’s almost impossible to run outside for most of the beginning of the week due to the fear of slipping on ice and falling. The rest of the week was full of rain (ugh) so it forced me to be on the treadmill. Thankfully after making a few diet tweaks I felt much better and was ready to knock out a long run again!

Pregnancy #2 Treadmill running

I try for the most part to just go with the flow and try to listen to how my body is feeling. It isn’t always easy but sometimes I just have to step back and remind myself “YOU ARE PREGNANT. It’s okay if you have to rest or slow down. You are not going to feel the same as before.”

Also, nothing makes you want to race more than watching your husband have an awesome race BUT I know that time will come!

Products I’m Loving

I get asked a lot about the products I use during pregnancy and especially for running during pregnancy.

So far, there isn’t a whole lot that has changed aside from the fact that I am starting to size out of my running tights.I don’t have a problem wearing most of my shorts throughout pregnancy, but with the colder temperatures here most of my tights and half-tights are getting a bit too tight

This week I tried the Pre2Post Capri Leggings from Love & Fit. I instantly fell in love because I finally had something that fit me and felt comfortable the entire time! The capris feature a silicone lining which helps them stay up and not move while running. They can also been worn postpartum as well.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I shared I received a few new bras from Brooks Running since my chest size has changed so dramatically (as it did during my first pregnancy). I have been able to try the Fiona, Juno, and FineFormAll of the sports bras are also nursing friendly!

While I will be doing a full review in the future I can tell you that so far my favorites are the Fiona and Juno for running during pregnancy. The FineForm is super cute and great but I find myself wearing it more for strength or every day wear than for running, it just doesn’t quite provide enough support.


That’s all for now! I’ll hopefully be getting more pregnancy updates to in the near future! If you’d like to know something specific make sure to let me know in the comments.

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