If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the love I have for podcasts lately. I have gotten podcast recommendations over the years but haven’t ever really listened because I never found a good time. Um, duh! You spend at least an hour a day running!

I recently got a pair of RUN Bluetooth headphones from Jaybird Sport which allowed me to be able to listen to more podcasts. I run with my phone almost every day since my son is often in gym daycare, so it just seemed like the perfect solution to help me through those long easy runs.

I originally wanted to find podcasts that focused on mental strength when that was a big weakness of mine, but I soon began listening to many different running related podcasts.


I thought today I would share my favorite podcasts with you along with some of my favorite episodes!


I'll Have Another Podcast

I’ll Have Another – Lindsey Hein

You can find I’ll Have Another on iTunes or on Lindsey’s website.

This is one of the first podcasts that I listened to and I absolutely love it! Plus, Lindsey is such a sweet and genuine person!

There are so many episodes to choose from but here are a few of my recent favorites:
Neely Spence Gracey (this is a great one for running Mamas!)
Sarah Bishop (Olympic Trials qualifier at CIM and winner of the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon)
Allie Kieffer (Episode 1 and 2)
Des Linden
Lauren Floris
Sara Hall
Kris Lawrence

There are truly so many episodes to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!


Running for Real Podcast

Running for Real – Tina Muir

You can find Running for Real on iTunes or visit Tina’s website.

I’ve been listening (and following) Tina Muir for quite some time. I listened to her older podcasts when she was with Runner’s Connect so I was excited when she came out with her very own!

Here are some of my favorite episodes:
Allie Kieffer (as you can tell I really love Allie!)
Kim Jones
Camille Herron
Emma Coburn
Dr. Nicole Detling (a great one if you are struggling with mental toughness!)


C Tolle Run Podcast

C Tolle Run – Carrie Tollefson

You can find C Tolle Run on iTunes and on Carrie’s website.

I have loved Carrie for a long time and when I found out (late to the game) that she had a podcast I got really excited. She always has the best guests on her show and her interviews always make the miles fly by!

Here are some of my favorite episodes:
Deena Kastor: It’s All About Trust
Molly Huddle: One Step at a Time
Des Linden: Competitive Spirit
Cindra Kamphoff: You Must Always Believe (another great one for mental toughness)
Sara Hall: In it for the Long Run
Ben Rosario: Train Hard, Race Fearlessly
Gwen Jorgeson: Uncharted Territory

You really can’t go wrong with any of Carrie’s interviews!


rambling runner Podcast

Rambling Runner – Matt Chittim

You can find Rambling Runner on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. He also has Facebook page.

The great thing about Matt’s podcast is that it focuses on runners like you and me! Runners that are never going to be professionals, but that are still going out there and chasing their dreams!

Here are some of my favorite episodes:
Jeff Haden
Ryan Vail (one of the view professional runner interviews Matt has done, and a great one at that!)
Heather Szuba
Rhandi Orme
Tyler Underwood
Molly Friel
Katilin Gregg Goodman

I actually was honored to be interviewed by Matt as well! You can find my episode here.


High Performance Mindset Podcast

High Performance Mindset – Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

You can find High Performance Mindset on iTunes and Dr. Kamphoff’s website.

I first started looked at podcasts to try and help get some of the mental strength back that I seemed to lose early in the year. One of the first podcasts I came across was High Performance Mindset. Dr. Kamphoff has worked with many athletes, professional sports teams, and sports teams of all levels! She is also a marathon runner, which of course was a big plus for me!

Here are some of my favorite episodes:
Lennie Waite: Closing the Gap
Don Hutcheson: Discover your Talent, Do What You Love
Rich Gordin: Perform on Demand
Amber Selking: What Will You Do to Get What You Want?
Ian Warner: Win the Small Things Daily to Build Consistency

Those are just a few of the more recent great podcasts by Dr. Kamphoff but you can find many more on her website! She also has written a great book: Beyond Grit , which is a must read if you are struggling with your the mental side of running!


Building Championship Mindsets Podcast

Building Championship Mindsets

You can find Building Championship Mindsets on iTunes and Dr. Selking’s website.

On my hunt for podcasts on mental toughness I was also recommended Building Champion Mindsets. It has been a great wealth of knowledge for me and I highly recommend this one as well. Dr. Amber Selking is a great host and provides such a wealth of knowledge! I’ve just started listening to this one but look forward to diving deeper in!


Like a Bigfoot Podcast

Like a Bigfoot – Chris Ward

You can find Like a Bigfoot on iTunes and on Chris’ website.

Chris is a personal friend of ours and when I started listening to his podcast I was so inspired! Chris interviews unique individuals going after BIG DREAMS! If you are love ultra running adventures – Chris is your guy too!

As he describes it himself on his website: “We are nurturing a community of badasses who are willing to chase adventure, go exploring in nature, push themselves to their own personal limits, and accomplish feats beyond anything they thought possible!”

Here are some of my favorite episodes:
Maudie Jordan: “RunFreeRun-Wild” Mindset and the Power of Resilience
Brendan Leonard & Jayson Sime: How to Run 100 Miles
Travis Steffen 3: Mindset, Importance of Introspection, Failing Produces Success

Chris was nice enough to ask Wes and I to be guests on his show quite a while ago. I’m not sure how we were lucky enough to be considered among his amazing guests, but if you are interested in listening to us talk about our journeys you can find the episode here.


Tell me, what are you favorite podcasts?

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