Running in the cold can be tricky! How do you know what to wear, how many layers to wear, and when to opt for the treadmill during the cold winter months?  Today I wanted to share my tips for making sure you’re wearing the right gear plus my favorite winter running accessories!

Cold Weather Running

If you live somewhere like me then you know how odd the winter can be! For instance, this week we got 9 inches of snow and then two days later it is almost 65! Not only is it confusing for all the animals but it makes it hard to remember to wear the right things when heading out the door!


Here are my rule of thumbs for dressing in the cold:

When planning for your run add about 10 degrees to the temperature outside. You may feel a little cool at the start but during the run you should warm up enough and will feel comfortable. Also make sure to take into account wind chill into this. For example: if it is 45 degrees outside but with the wind chill it feels like 35 you will want to plan for running in 45 degree weather. Add 10 degrees to the lowest temperature.

Temperature in the 50’s: Short sleeve shirt (or tank and arm sleeves) and shorts.

Temperature in the 40’s: Long sleeve t-shirt, shorts (or tights if an easy day).

Temperature in the 30’s: Tank, long sleeve t-shirt, shorts or tights, gloves, and headband or hat to cover ears.

Temperate in the 20’s: Tank, long sleeve t-shirt, jacket, tights, gloves, and headband or hat to cover ears.

Temperature below 20 degrees: Tank, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, jacket, tights, neck warmer, gloves (usually mittens), headband or hat to cover ears, and gaiter to cover neck.


What I’ve listed above is what works for me when it comes to running in the cold. I will try to wear shorts as long as possible, especially for workouts, because tights restrict my legs but if I am running easy I will bring out tights earlier. If in doubt, I always start with an extra layer because it is always easy to take it off during your run if you need to.

I don’t really struggle with running in the cold until it gets in the 20’s or below. Then I really have to focus on making sure I am wearing the right clothing. There is nothing worse than getting stuck out somewhere and being freezing cold. That’s why I always wear an extra layer (normally a jacket) that can easily be tied around my waist should I get too hot.


Now that you know what to wear, how do you know the right brands? Honestly over the years I’ve come to own lots of different options. I layer different things and find that there isn’t one particular brand that is better than the other BUT I do have my favorites for sure! Below you can find some of my favorite winter running apparel!



Rabbit Emoji Tank 

NIKE Women’s Dri-Fit Contour Tank



Rabbit Legs

Rabbit Catch Me if You Can

**Use code RUNWIFE20 for 20% all regular priced items.



Saucony Women’s Bullet Crop

Brooks Women’s Greenlight Tights

I’ve also heard really great things about Nike’s running tights (my husband wears them all the time), but I have never personally tried them.


Long Sleeves

Saucony Women’s Dash Seamless Long Sleeve

Brooks Womens Distance Long Sleeve


Short Sleeves

Saucony Women’s Dash Seamless Short Sleeve

Brooks Womens Distance Short Sleeve



Saucony Nomad Jacket

Brooks Women Cascadia Thermal Jacket



Craft Hybrid Weather 2 in 1 Bike Glove

Saucony Ulti-Mitts


Head Band/Hats`

Saucony Omni Ponytail Skull Cap

ASICS Thermal 2-N-1 Head Warmer



Turtle Fur Fleece Gaiter 

I recently bought this one in black and really love it!


What is your favorite winter running accessory?

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