Every week I run about half my runs without music and the other half with. I try to save music for workouts, long runs, or runs where I don’t have Easton. I don’t like to use music when I run with Easton so I rarely due. Occasionally if I have a stroller workout then I will use it.

One thing I try to do before bigger runs is to add one song to my playlist that I can look forward to hearing. Many times I will repeat this song a long during the run. New music is a great tool to help during those tough runs!

That being said this marathon cycle I have a few new songs that I’ve used over and over again to help me! You may have already heard of some of these, but I thought I’d share so that if you are looking for some new music this might help you out!

Here are my top 5 marathon training songs:

Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Rise – Danny Gokey

Comeback – Danny Gokey

This Night Back – Canaan Smith

Lions – Chase Rice

Certain songs always speak to me more during various training cycles and for this one these five have definitely help me push through!

I love hearing new song suggestions so please leave them in the comments if you have a great song that has helped you lately!

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