I’m still a week behind but I’m working hard to catch up. Today lets look at week 8. We are over the halfway point and the miles are picking up by the week. My body has been responding surprisingly well and I’m feeling good, though I’m definitely having to dig deep for some of these bigger workouts.

Week 8: 11/6/2017-11/12/2017

Monday – 8.05 miles @ 8:50 pace

Tuesday – 13.12 mile workout. 2 mile warm up, 9 mile tempo, and 2 mile cool down. (Tempo splits: 7:13 ,7:16, 7:13, 7:21, 7:13, 7:15, 7:18, 7:17, and 7:14).

Wednesday – 7.25 miles @ 8:40 pace

Thursday – 11.16 mile workout. 2 mile warm up, 20 x 400 meters with 1 minute rest, and 2 mile cool down. (400 meter splits: 1-10 done at 6:58 pace, 11-15 at 6:54 pace, 16-18 at 6:49 pace, and 19-20 at 6:39 pace. Done on a treadmill.)

Friday – Off

Saturday – 19.15 long run. 19.15 miles @ 7:53 pace.

Sunday – 7.07 miles @ 8:38 pace.

TOTAL: 65.78 miles


The biggest workout for me this week was my 9 mile tempo run. I was able to work it out to have my Mom come and watch Easton while I headed out to the trail to get my run done. This run surprisingly felt amazing – ok maybe not quite amazing but as good as a tempo run can feel.

Tempo Run

My workout on Thursday was done on the treadmill so that I wouldn’t have to have Easton in the stroller that long. I started slower and worked my way down and even though it was a challenge I felt good! Even though the treadmill can be boring sometimes it is nice to switch things up!

Saturday I was excite for my 19 miles! There was no workout it was just me getting out there and putting in the time on my feet. Sometimes these are a nice change of pace and a good mental workout to stay in the mile. I kept my watch hidden so I wouldn’t look at pace and surprised myself by averaging 7:53 at the end! I felt strong throughout the run.

19 Mile Long Run

My first 65 mile week and I felt good. I know the training process is not about one workout, or one week, but i’m encouraged by my training so far!

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