I know I’m about a week behind on recapping my training but I promise I am working to catch up on that this week!

The last time we left on week 6 I was feeling pretty good and things were starting to click for me. The good news is – even though I can say I definitely am tired overall training still has been going really well!


Week 7: 10/30/2017-11/5/2017

Monday – 8.12 miles @ 8:45 pace

Tuesday – 12.14 mile workout. 2 mile warm up, 3 mile tempo, 0.5 mile recovery, 4 x 400 meters with 1 minute recovery, 3 mile tempo, and 2 mile cool down. (Splits: 7:09, 7:19, 7:18 (3 mile tempo), 6:34, 6:28, 6:29, 6:42 (400 meter intervals), 7:15, 7:19, 7:16 (3 mile tempo)).

Wednesday – 7.05 miles @ 9:01 pace

Thursday – 10.05 miles. 5 miles easy, 4 miles moderate, 1 mile easy. (Splits: 8:35, 8:25, 8:23, 8:30, 7:56, 7:53, 7:44, 7:51, 8:45)

Friday – Off

Saturday – 19.15 long run workout (treadmill). 8 miles easy, 5 x 1 mile at GMP/1 mile 1 min slower than GMP, and cool down until 19. (GMP: 7:24-7:19/1 min slower than GMP: 8:25-8:19)

Sunday – 7.05 miles @ 8:53 pace.

TOTAL: 63.56 miles


It was nice breaking up my tempo this week. This cycle I’ve really tried to do straight tempos only every other week and then try to throw in different types of tempo workouts. This was one was a lot of fun and definitely was fun to work different systems going from tempo pace to 400 meter pace.

Tempo Run

Saturday’s long run workout started out a little rocky but thankfully I was able to turn it around. We traveled to stay with my parents Friday night so that they could watch E while we got in our long runs. I’ll say it now and I’ll say it a thousand times I am so thankful for such supportive families ESPECIALLY during these big final weeks! When we got to the gym (thanks to rain) I realized I didn’t have my iPod with me. I panicked but quickly thought OK I’ll just use my phone. Just as soon as I got on the treadmill to plug in my headphones I realized the new iPhone needs the adaptor to use headphones. Yep. I was about to start a 19 mile workout on the treadmill without headphones.

I tried not to panic and just start. I broke the run up into sections in my head and focused on one part at a time. I was really thankful to have the workout in the long run to help break things up!


Another week down and feeling good! I can feel myself getting stronger from the increase in miles and I’m hoping to ride it all the way to race day. At least we can hope right!?

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